Europa Park Rust SIRIUS Control

Thrills? That's a safe bet!

Great attractions, a tingling in the stomach - and loads of fun: Visitors to Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, experience first-hand what safe, reliable switching technology makes possible today. Find out how SIRIUS switching devices contribute to the successful operation of the rides at Europa-Park Rust.

Dynamic twists and turns and spectacular loops

The Europa-Park in Rust sets standards on an international scale. To achieve this, the park not only needs fantastic attractions, but also dependable and reliably functioning equipment. That's why Europa-Park relies on SIRIUS switching technology for most of its rides. With great success!
At Europa-Park, visitors are always the main focus of attention, which is why the high availability of the attractions is the top priority for us. For us, the important thing is the durability and reliable function of Siemens switching technology.
Andreas Stephan, Team leader electrical installation Europa-Park Rust

SIRIUS switchgear – and all systems are go ...

Apart from safety, the main focus for theme park operators and manufacturers of the rides is profitability. And that depends on several factors, such as the reliability of the equipment, which requires robust components. In addition, the components must also be easily available, so that visitors are not kept waiting as they try out many different rides. And of course, the technology should be as compact and low-maintenance as possible.

Go for it! Get SIRIUS by changing now! 

Theme park rides are not only a source of pleasure for passengers, but also for their operators and the plant engineers who designed and built them. Make the switch now to the proven SIRIUS industrial controls technology.