Reliable design for conveyor belt motors

Extensive condition and fault monitoring with SIRIUS soft starters. Transport systems are usually modernized in order to optimize system operation and increase availability. Consistent monitoring of the motors allows changes and imminent interruptions in the running operation to be detected early.

Compact SIRIUS 3RW40 soft starter outputs intelligent diagnostic data

Emscher Aufbereitung GmbH processes raw coal for steel production. In order to improve the reliability of its plants, the company makes use of enhanced diagnostic capabilities. So when they equipped just about a dozen of their conveyor belts with new motors, the company's engineers chose the SIRIUS 3RW40 soft starter. These devices have valuable technical properties and supply important information relevant to operation to the I&C. And because the new more compact devices occupy less room than their predecessors, it was possible to replace the motors in the existing control cabinets during operation.

SIRIUS soft starters

Soft starters from the SIRIUS portfolio  are the best solution for soft starting and stopping of motors.

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In the plant visualization system, we obtain important diagnostics information about the new conveyor belt motors, which noticeably improves plant operation. 
Michael Kluger, deputy technical manager of Emscher Aufbereitung GmbH

How do SIRIUS 3RW40 soft starters contribute to the reliable operation of conveyor belts?

The 3RW40 soft starter features extensive condition and fault monitoring functions. For example, LEDs inform about inadmissible tripping times, power failure or phase failure, loss of load, thermal overload or device faults. These diagnostics messages can be transferred to the control system via output relays.

Ultimately, it's important for the conveyor system to run in as fault-free a manner as possible and for us to detect possible changes or impending interruptions of ongoing operation in good time
Michael Kluger, deputy technical manager of Emscher Aufbereitung GmbH

With individual settings to the starting voltage and current limitation during acceleration, the conveyor equipment can be operated in a way that is kind to the system. Thanks to the thyristors' intrinsic device protection, defects on the power unit can also be avoided. Integrated thermistor motor protection protects the motors without the need for additional overload relays.

At Emser, every soft starter is equipped with a 3NP1 fuse switch disconnector. This particularly safe load feeder configuration in type 2 coordination ensures that the plant can resume operation quickly after a short circuit. Then only the fuses rather than the device itself have to be replaced.