Fine tuning on the machine

When setting up and operating machines, the speed cannot always be set precisely using Siemens ID key-operated switches.
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Control the speed directly on the machine - with SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switches

The easiest way to control the speed directly on the machine is to use an analog potentiometer. However, wearing gloves in dusty or humid environments, for example, makes operation more difficult. Therefore, the use of the robust SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switch as a digital potentiometer is particularly suitable under these environmental conditions. This alternative with freely programmable IO-Link electronic module enables precise and fine-grained speed adjustment due to its tactile detent positions. All that is required is the corresponding programming in TIA Portal STEP 7.

Easy handling in TIA Portal STEP 7

The basis of this programming for precise speed control are the rotary pulses, which are transmitted bit by bit to a SIMATIC controller via IO-Link master with the aid of the IO-Link electronic module. STEP 7 programming enables a wide range of applications to be implemented for the use of the module for machine operation and authorization management. For this, Siemens provides various sample projects with pre-developed program blocks in TIA Portal STEP 7.

The following version of the SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switches can be used:

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