Improving plant performance

The availability of machines and plants also depends on the personnel who operate and service them. Analyses of user data harbor optimization potential for productivity. 

Know exactly who is doing something on the machine and when

Which operator or technician was working on a machine and when can provide information about possible productivity differences. This requires precise tracking of the persons authorized to access the machine. However, conventional methods such as physical logbooks only provide the necessary information to a limited extent and in analog form. With our key switches, the assignment of individual access rights and precise documentation of machine access are possible.

SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switches

The electronic ID key-operated switches from the SIRIUS ACT range of commanding and signaling devices has proven its high flexibility compared to conventional solutions.

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High level of security and usability: authorization management with SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switches

SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switches can be configured so that authorization levels or individual authorizations for machine access can be set separately. The associated keys contain an RFID chip that makes them uniquely identifiable. Key and switch are linked by a stable radio connection and have no HMI contact.


In addition, the use of each key is logged so that time stamps indicate who has used the machine and when. Information on operation, downtimes or maintenance work can be recorded and evaluated with the aid of a database.

A practical example

Operator A inserts their RFID key at the beginning of a shift. The system detects it and records the date, time and plant status. A few hours later, the condition monitoring system indicates that the plant is in danger of overheating. Operator A then removes their key and requests the maintenance service.

The maintenance technician arrives, inserts their key, and starts with the troubleshooting. Upon completion of the maintenance work, the technician removes their key and the database performs an availability measurement. This indicates that troubleshooting took only 15 minutes, whereas the maintenance service took 1 hour and 45 minutes to arrive on site.

This makes it easy to see whether the standstill is more likely to be due to personnel or logistical reasons, or caused by mechanical circumstances.

The following versions of the SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switches can be used: