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Perfect logistics for speedy delivery

When packages arrive promptly, this is partly due to perfect SIRIUS switching technology.
Industrial controls

Competitive logistics rely on modular switching technology

Logistics systems ensure that the ordered goods leave the warehouse by the fastest route. This calls for a large number of small motors for the conveying process – which means that the necessary control cabinets are therefore densely packed. With SIRIUS switching technology these can be planned with extremely efficiency and designed to save space.

Efficiency driven by digitalization: Plan your electrical installation more quickly and efficiently

The logistics systems provider SITLog shows how new logistics systems can be planned particularly quickly and existing ones restored to fitness. The company relies on digital engineering with EPLAN and uses the CAX data that is provided for SIRIUS technology. This shortens the configuration time, saves money and improves data security.  Speed up your electrical design process – with SIRIUS digital engineering.

"The challenges in logistics concern the extensive conveyor technology. In other words, the very large number of drives that have to be switched. This means that the control cabinets are correspondingly full, and digital engineering is a decisive advantage in becoming competitive. Automation plus consistent digital data for control cabinet configuration are the efficiency drivers in our business, so they safeguard our future."
Wolfgang Hausner, Founder and CEO of SITLog GmbH Steuerungs- und Informationstechnologie für Logistik (Control and Information Technology for Logistics), Altenstadt, Germany

Have you heard of the new standard in electrical engineering?

With Control Panel Design, we now offer a function in the TIA Selection Tool that allows you to design and dimension the main electrical system of a machine in accordance to standards - for both IEC and North America. At the push of a button you receive the appropriate switching and protection devices for your motor, including standard-compliant cable cross-sections and short-circuit values for fuseless and fused load feeders.