Safety Integrated Machine

Safety without compromise

Machine manufacturers and operators are confronted with continuously increasing demands on the functional safety of a plant or machine. A system solution for factory automation is needed that must be economical and flexible while reliably protecting operators, machines, and the environment.

Optimum safety through Safety Integrated components from Siemens

KAMtec GmbH builds machines that are compact and can be installed quickly. The company relies on various products from the Siemens portfolio to consistently exploit system advantages. These include integrated safety, secure transmission via PROFINET, comprehensive system diagnostics, and TIA Portal integration. This is why the safe SIMATIC controls, the SIRIUS ACT commanding and signaling devices, and the compact motor starters of the SIMATIC ET 200SP were also used.

SIMATIC ET 200SP motor starter

With a width of just 30 mm you get a compact, powerful motor starter – with five setting ranges up to 5.5 kW.

SIMATIC ET 200SP products in SiePortal

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If there are different options when selecting certain system components, we always choose the safest solution. Safety first. Because people, machines and the environment must not be harmed under any circumstances.
Ingo Malchus, owner and managing director of the special-purpose machine manufacturer KAMtec GmbH

Integrated technologies for production automation

Siemens integrates the safety solutions seamlessly and almost invisibly into the standard automation system. This also convinces KAMtec's customer Weitkowitz from Peine in Lower Saxony – a traditional company and quasi inventor of the cable lug. KAMtec's plant with Siemens technologies for assembly and quality control contributes to further automation and digitalization of the production process. The project also required PC-related functions such as quality control or KPI evaluations, so a fail-safe software controller was used instead of the usual hardware controller.

Prior to the integrated solution, external safety devices, controllers and various PCs were used, which required additional space. Today, an IP67 Panel PC, which itself does not require space in the control cabinet, replaces the components. With Safety Integrated, PROFINET and the PROFIsafe protocol, the overall system is more compact and requires less wiring.
Rüdiger Röhrs, Siemens AG

Siemens technology offers numerous advantages for both the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) KAMtec and the end user Weitkowitz.

Customer requirement
Siemens solution
Safety first

Integrated safety technology

Secure transmission via PROFINET/PROFIsafe

System concept

High level of safety and availability

Standardized system

Diagnostics options
Connection of motor starters to PROFINET
Early fault detection
Economic efficiency
Seamless integration of safety engineering into the standard automation system
No additional costs for safety functions due to Safety Integrated

Comprehensive safety solutions with system advantages

The decision was made in favor of Siemens products since all of them feature TIA integration and extensive diagnostics options. PROFINET was the decisive factor for the use of F-CPU, drives, SIRIUS ACT, and SIMATIC ET 200SP motor starters, among others. The safe motor starter includes contactor, reversing contactor, motor protection, short-circuit protection and a second safe shutdown path, including current and voltage measurement. The SIRIUS ACT commanding and signaling devices also reduced the wring overhead and the cable harness between the panel enclosures with SIRIUS ACT and the control cabinet was significantly reduced. Further tailor-made machines are already being planned and the long-term and trusting partnership between Siemens and KAMtec, but also Siemens and Weitkowitz, will be continued.