Safe 3D printing of metal parts

Startup One Click Metal aims to make technologies readily understandable and easily accessible for everyone. One important success factor for their 3D printer is its reliable safety switch technology.

Breakthrough for modern production technology

With 3D printers, even more complex components can be produced faster, more flexibly and more cost-effectively. Startup One Click Metal, located near Ludwigsburg, Germany, is aiming to achieve a breakthrough for this modern production technology.  One Click Metal offers customers a holistic product solution for 3D printing with metals at a comparatively low price. The company’s BOLD 3D printers employ a powder and cartridge system that enables easy and safe handling of the metal powder. The safety of the innovative production machines is ensured by safety switches and safety switching devices from SIRIUS.

SIRIUS 3SK safety relays

Safety functions like EMERGENCY STOP and protective door monitoring implemented without programming up to SIL 3 and PL e.

SIRIUS 3SK products in SiePortal

The integrated platform for product selection, buying and support.

Reliable safety switch technology

Since metal 3D printing is a demanding and time-consuming process, the printer components must be especially robust and durable. The printers use a laser to fuse the metal powder along the desired path to build up the component layer by layer. A highly reliable safety concept is required for the laser to ensure that the operator never comes into contact with the laser beam or the hazardous metal powder. In designing the printer, Michael Volk, Senior Engineer for Product Development at One Click Metal, gave priority to meeting high quality and safety standards. To ensure these standards were met, One Click Metal decided to install a safety gate monitor from the Siemens SIRIUS family in their 3D printers. The SIRIUS RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) safety switch communicates directly with the SIRIUS 3SK1 protective relay. Siemens’ safety switching technology ensures that the laser instantly switches off if the protective gate is opened during operation. Since the SIRIUS switching devices are especially compact and simple to install, they easily fit in the control cabinet of the 3D printer.   

"The SIRIUS 3SK switching device has several advantages: its simple use, small footprint, and its modularity. This makes it an easily scalable system."


Michael Volk, Senior Engineer for Product Development at One Click Metal

Online shop and personal advice

One Click Metal uses the Siemens Industry Mall to order Siemens components. The platform is structured like an online shop and functions without a merchandise management system. All products are directly priced online. For Michael Volk, the ordering process was immediately clear, simple and transparent. Timo Vogel, sales representative for the SIRIUS family, was available to answer all of his questions. Thanks to its well-developed infrastructure, the SIRIUS sales team can quickly be on site with the customer and provide technical advice and handle problems. By relying on SIRIUS products, One Click Metal is ideally prepared for future developments. The SIRIUS portfolio is designed so that customers can easily scale up when production and demand grow or when their own products are further developed.