SIRIUS Explained Videos

SIRIUS Explained 

With our explanatory video series #SiriusExplained, we give you complex content about products comprehensible and abstract topics or facts short and tangible. Be clever, be smart, #BeSIRIUS

#SiriusExplained has a new home!

With our new YouTube channel "ExplaineArium" we have created a space that not only contains our explanatory videos #SiriusExplained.

But also offers information about software and products as well as tutorials worth knowing about the use of SIRIUS and SENTRON products in the control panel as well as their use in different industries / applications.


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Panel Builders - Expert knowledge, tools and data for panel builders and electrical planners.


Electrical Planners - Power distribution concepts and help for electrical planners


ElectricalProducts - Product videos about our portfolio


Software and Apps - Everything about efficient engineering tools and cloud-based solutions


SiriusExplained - Q&A videos from the field of industrial switching technology 


SentronExplained - Q&A videos from the area of low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology.


Stay tuned, this is just the beginning! Our goal is to keep expanding the YouTube channel e.g. with trending topics summarized in regular TechTalks.