Three-phase asynchronous motors with digital layer

The right solution for starting three-phase asynchronous motors

Three-phase asynchronous motors are currently the most widely used electric motors in industry. To start and control them, a wide range of products and options are available, from simple contactor/circuit-breaker combinations to soft starters and frequency converter.
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How to find the best solution for each motor starting application?

Three-phase asynchronous motors are among the leading energy consumers in industrial applications worldwide. More than 80% of them are used in pumping, ventilating, compressing, conveying and processing applications. As the individual applications present widely differing challenges, there is a whole range of possible solutions to choose from when it comes to starting these motors.


While less complex tasks can be performed using simpler, less expensive starters, more challenging tasks such as controlling the starting torque, the speed or just the starting time, demand more qualified products. If correctly used on a precautionary basis, these can prevent expensive downtimes due, for example, to blocking or creeping overload, and result in increased productivity.

Depending on the structure of the motor feeder, a distinction is made between the following types of starts:

  • direct and reversing start
  • star-delta start
  • soft start
  • variable speed control

There are a lot of options to start a motor – but which one to use?

Find out more about motor starting basics in our free white paper "Starting Motors". It gives you all the information necessary to find the right technology for each individual application. 


The white paper provides an overview of the most important applications for electric motors and points out decisive criteria for selecting the right type of starting such as motor rating, starting current and starting time. It also looks at current trends in industry such as energy efficiency and digitalization.


As an alternative to the white paper, the "Decision Guide Motor Start" helps you find the right solution by asking simple questions. The new edition of the EU's Ecodesign Directive for electric motors, which aims to achieve significant CO2 savings, should also be noted.

Decision Guide Motor Start

Uncertain what the right drive solution is for your application?

Our Decision Guide Motor Start helps you to find the right approach for your motor start by answering just some simple questions.

  • Easy to use without deep technical knowledge
  • All options for a motor start in the selection
  • Including product selection via the right product configurator in the TIA Selection Tool

Learn more about our technology which helps motors to be driven even more efficiently.

The right starter for every application! Find out the special properties and functions of each starter family here.