Signal columns - modular, compact and capable of communication

8WD4 signaling columns

On machines or in automated processes, signal towers are important visual aids for controlling complex processes. In emergency situations, they serve as visual or acoustic warning devices. They can be flexibly designed with continuous, flashing, strobe and all-round light as well as acoustic elements. Whether in modular or compact design - they are easy to install and extremely resistant to shock and vibration. Optional communication options with AS-Interface or IO-Link enable digital connection and diagnostics.

Signal columns portfolio


50 mm

8WD42 signaling columns – modular 

  • Degree of protection IP54
  • Maximum of four elements can be mounted between the connection element and the cover
  • Connection element: Screw terminals
  • Adapter element (optional): AS-Interface


70 mm

8WD44 signaling columns – modular

  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Maximum of five elements can be mounted between the connection element and the cover
  • Optimized illumination through improved prism technology
  • Connection element: Screw or spring terminals
  • Adapter element (optional): AS-Interface, IO-Link, M12 plug
  • Pre-assembled signaling columns (optional): various versions


70 mm

8WD46 signaling columns – compact

Electronically configurable available in 8 variants.


  • Protection class: IP66, IP69K, NEMA4, 4X, 12, 13
  • Two sizes: 9 or 15 segments 
  • Full area signaling (multicolor LED) 
  • Flexible segment configuration: light color, intensity and function e.g. permanent, flashing, blinking or rotating light
  • Acoustic element up to max. 105 dB
  • Control and configuration: standard 24V (USB) or IO-Link
  • Efficient and intuitive engineering in TIA Portal (IO-Link)
  • Connection: M12 plug

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Highlights at a glance

The new compact 8WD46 signal columns - Electronically configurable

The new high-performance signal columns can be used universally in industrial applications and buildings, such as assembly lines, conveyor systems and shipping stations. Even fill levels can now be displayed variably.

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