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Four SIRIUS 3RV2 motor starter protectors/circuit breakers aligned after size

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convince our customers worldwide. Because with SIRIUS you will discover the most comprehensive portfolio available on the market for switching any application. In terms of variance and performance range, hardly any wish remains unfulfilled. Switch motors with SIRIUS contactors and use them with real flexibility. Scalability of the devices and accessories as well as the choice of connection technology, such as simple tool-free and error-free installation using spring-cage technology, will put you ahead of the competition. The integration of SIRIUS contactors in engineering and selection tools support you in digitalization.

Technical specifications for Contactors

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SIRIUS Contactor Portfolio

Power contactors for motors

Power contactors for switching motors

Switching of electric drives or motors: a classic product with a decades-old functional principle interpreted in a modern and future-oriented way: these are our contactors, a generalist for switching motors.


Whether switching normal motors or high-efficiency motors (IE3), whether reversing or star-delta starting from the smallest to the largest power range, whether classic screwing or connecting using spring-cage technology or direct digital control. Our motor contactors can do all this and much more. No drive is too small or no motor start-up too heavy.

Contactors with certified F-PLC input

Contactors with certified F-PLC input

SIRIUS contactors with certified F-PLC input are available for your application for triggering from failsafe controllers, standard controllers and safety switchgear from 18.5kW up to and including 250kW.

The fail-safe inputs make it possible to achieve SIL 2 (IEC 62061) or PL c (ISO 13849-1) with only one contactor. SIL 3 or PL e can be achieved by using two contactors in series.

The Safety Evaluation integrated in the TIA Selection Tool (TST) helps you to evaluate your machine quickly and safely, taking into account its safety functions (evaluation according to IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1).

Contactors for other loads

Contactor relays and miniature contactors

Contactor relays and miniature contactors

Auxiliary contactors for control and auxiliary circuits.

Contactor combinations

Contactor combinations

Star-delta combinations

Star-delta combinations are the reliable solution for the staged startup of asynchronous machines. The starting current is reduced by one third compared to a delta startup. The required ramp-up time up to the rated speed in star startup can be set via a timing relay.


Reversing contactor assemblies

For safe and reliable changes in the direction of rotation of asynchronous motors, the pre-assembled SIRIUS reversing combinations from 3 kW to 55 kW (self-assembly kit from 3 kW to 250 kW) are available. They consist of two contactors of the same rating with an NC contact from 3 kW to 7.5 kW or an NO contact and an NC contact from 5.5 kW to 55 kW in the basic unit.

Selection Guide Accessories

3RT contactors – Selection guide

Extensive accessories and spare parts are available for SIRIUS 3RT power contactors.

These components are easily fitted to the contactors without the use of any tools according to requirements.


Note: If a plausibility check is required, this can be performed in the TIA Selection Tool

Highlights at a glance

Reliable switching and protection of large currents

SIRIUS 3RT contactors up to 2,650 A - the perfect combination for wind turbines or converters.

Efficient wiring of switchgear

Which connection technology do you use for your switchgear? Have you already tried out spring-cage technology? Now compare conventional screw technology with modern spring-cage technology. We will show you how to connect and install your switchgear quickly and without errors.

SIRIUS contactors with failsafe control input – innovative and powerful