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Our vision system MV 500 in action

Flexible reading and verification with vision systems

Optical identification with vision systems SIMATIC MV is the key to digitization and transparency – and ensures complete traceability of products and components along the entire manufacturing, procurement and shipping process. Siemens offers you a complete, scalable portfolio of high-performance and flexible optical readers – for both stationary and manual applications. They enable fast and easy reading and verification of 1D/2D codes, optical character recognition (OCR) and object recognition, and ensure reliable identification on a wide variety of surfaces even under difficult ambient conditions. An unbeatable plus: All devices can be easily integrated into the automation environment and offer a variety of options for communication and connection.

Optical Reader SIMATIC MV530

The complete optical reader is usable out of the box.

The new SIMATIC MV530 optical reader is already fully equipped with a special lens and built-in ring light. Together with the powerful multicore processor, it enables maximum reading speed without additional parameterization by the user. 

Product range

SIMATIC MV vision system

High-performing and intelligent, versatile in production and logistics – benefit from the bundled advantages of the compact MV series: In different performance classes – and with flexibly selectable accessories and optional communication modules for connection to the automation system.

Optical readers with high-performance image capture

SIMATIC MV500 is the new high-end generation of optical readers from Siemens. The devices are characterized by high computing power, fast reading processes and increased reading reliability – even under difficult conditions.


An extensive portfolio of accessories for a wide variety of applications is available for the SIMATIC MV540, MV550 and MV560 readers.


The compact SIMATIC MV530 is already fully equipped and enables maximum reading accuracy and speed without additional parameterization by the user.


The device configuration via web-based management and integration in the TIA Portal ensure convenient project planning. The one-button configuration for network and read parameters makes the commissioning of SIMATIC MV500 devices particularly easy. In addition, the large working memory (up to 2 GB) allows extended use of the AutoTrigger function, which makes it possible to save money when installing high-precision mechanical components in the system. 



Highlights SIMATIC MV500 

  • Complete, scalable portfolio of high-performance optical readers
    – 0.5 MP to 5.3 MP
    – 1 GB or 2 GB working memory
    – Fully automated, pre-equipped and compact readers (SIMATIC MV530 only)
    – Industrial Ethernet (100 MB) and optional Gigabit Ethernet (1,000 MB)
  • TIA system-tested integration into the SIMATIC automation environment (Totally Integrated Automation)
  • Various communication and connection options
  • Verification of 1D/2D codes according to open standards – even during ongoing production
  • Object recognition
  • Remote support concept: worldwide plant optimization/troubleshooting through the analysis of recorded image information from the production line (optimized parameters are made available remotely)
  • E-focus lenses for flexible production as well as rapid commissioning (not SIMATIC MV530)

Secure capture of 1D and 2D codes

The readers are suitable for labels with higher contrasts, but can also be used application-specifically for codes with lower contrasts. Versatile interfaces – whether RS232, USB or Bluetooth – open up universal application possibilities for you. 



Highlights of SIMATIC MV320 and MV325

  • High-performance 1D/2D code reading, even with low-contrast codes
  • Flexible interface connection (RS232, USB, Bluetooth, CM module connection)
  • Rugged, ergonomic design for manual workplaces
Optical codes

Codes and their fields of application

Four steps are required for complete traceability during production and beyond: Marking, Verification, Reading, Communication (MVRC). 


Marking is the application of the coding directly to the object.

Verification stands for checking the quality of markings on the object.

Reading is the reading in production or in case of service.

Communication includes securely transmitting and visualization of the reading results.  


Whether 1D barcode, 2D data matrix code or text recognition via OCR: Each technology has its specific strengths. For example, plain text recognition is used where information must also be legible for people, such as the best-before date. Siemens offers you proven products and systems for all these areas.

2D data matrix code

Compared to the barcode, the 2D data matrix code offers a higher storage capacity, more data security and a better reading rate in terms of viewing angle and illumination. These codes can be applied cost-effectively, e.g. together with shipping labels. In addition, they enable direct part marking (DPM) of products by laser, printing or nailing, which makes them particularly robust against external influences and has proven its worth especially in harsh industrial environments.

Object recognition

"Pat-Genius" license for SIMATIC MV500

With "Pat-Genius", SIMATIV MV500 can also be used for object and position detection. In parallel it can also be used to read 1D/2D codes or plain text. The two functions object recognition and the reading of machine-readable codes can be freely combined in one image. "Pat-Genius" is used for Pick&Place, quality control in production, position detection in feeding technology as well as quantity monitoring in feeding technology and production. The license is delivered as "Single License" on USB flash medium and can be loaded onto the device via the SIMATIC Automation License Manager (ALM) with a plug-in. The license runs on any SIMATIC MV500 device as of firmware version 2.1.

Object recognition is used to search for and recognize trained patterns in the image:

  • Object recognition (classification)
  • Position detection (position, rotary position, scaling)
  • Presence verification (object recognition and position control with setpoint specification)
  • Completeness check (multiple presence verification with setpoint specification)
  • Symbol recognition (recognition of the contour of any character or symbol)
  • Fast and reliable object recognition regardless of rotational position in the image region (up to 2,500 checks / minute) for high-speed applications
  • Simultaneous reading and comparison of plain text and machine-readable codes in the same image field plus object recognition
  • Several different test patterns can be used simultaneously
  • Object recognition is a cascadable function – the result of object recognition can shift the image region of the subsequent check (object recognition, text recognition, code reading)
  • Test patterns can be scaled – recognition is independent of changes in size (e.g. shrinkage of the object)
  • Filter and comparison functions (target/actual comparison in the camera) are available for programming
  • Flexible retrofitting of the object recognition function via the SIMATIC Automation License Manager
  • Simple integration into the automation environment, for example via the function block of the SIMATIC MV500 devices
Verification systems

Marking quality test with Veri-Genius

Contamination in the production process can impair markings. Only high-quality marking ensures maximum legibility even if the marking quality deteriorates due to scratches or dirt. With "Veri-Genius", SIMATIC MV500 can also be used to check the marking quality of codes. In addition, verification reduces production costs, since it reduces the requirements for material quality and marking technology. The license is delivered as "Single License" on USB flash medium and can be loaded onto the device via the SIMATIC Automation License Manager (ALM) with a plug-in. The license runs on SIMATIC MV500 as of firmware version 4.0.
  • Checking of marking quality according to a number of internationally recognized test specifications, especially ISO TR 29158
  • Complete test report accessible as an HTML page that can also be archived or sent
  • Standardized calibration card included in scope of delivery
  • Trend forecast using verification on SIMATIC MV500 devices without calibration and / or without adhering to design test specifications
  • Simple integration into the automation environ-ment, for example using the function block of the TIA Portal standard library for SIMATIC MV500 devices

"Veri-Genius" supports all major industries and code types through the following verification standards:

  • ISO/IEC 29158:2011 previously AIM DPM-1-2006
  • Siemens DPM  
  • ISO/IEC 15415 
  • AS9132 Rev. A (previously IAQG) 
  • ISO/IEC 15416 (previously ANSI X3.182-1990)
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