Starter Kit: RFID system SIMATIC RF1000

Starter Kit RFID system SIMATIC RF1000

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Access control to industrial panels, PCs, and controllers is becoming increasingly important in view of the growing demands on security. With the Access Control Readers of the SIMATIC RF1000 family, you can conveniently use your existing employee ID cards for this purpose. This Starter Kit enables you to test all SIMATIC RF1000 supported card formats without the need of sending them in for testing. It is also possible to create your own config cards with the config editor, which is available for download. In addition to USB, the connection to RS232 applications (PC, CMs) can also be tested immediately

The Starter Kit includes:

  • SIMATIC RF1040R Access Control Reader (HF, LF)
  • SIMATIC RF1070R Access Control Reader (HF incl. Legic)
  • SIMATIC RF1100T Config-card (5 pieces)
  • Card holder for Access Control Reader
  • Connecting cable, length 2 m, pre-assembled, RS232 for CM connection
  • Connecting cable, length 1.8 m, pre-assembled, RS232 for PC and serial module connection
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