SIMATIC RF200: The compact RFID system in the HF range

SIMATIC RF200 Keyvisual

Data transparency in intralogistics and small assembly lines

SIMATIC RF200 offers cost-efficient HF readers for applications in small assembly lines and in RFID intralogistics and RFID production logistics. A compact entry-level system for applications in the lower to medium performance range.

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System benefits

RFID System RF200: Flexible and fast

Standard identification tasks – like reading an ID number or reading/writing user-defined data – can be managed by all RFID readers in the product family. This has been expanded with readers that meet IO-Link standard V1.1: Their write/read speed is more than ten times faster than the series based on IO Link standard V1.0.
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SIMATIC RF200 product information

Benefits for the entire value chain

SIMATIC RF200: Quality and efficiency along the value chain

Continuously improve your efficiency: Using innovative identification systems like SIMATIC RF200 can make a decisive contribution. To learn how, see our specific application examples – from assembly lines, RFID production logistics, and RFID intralogistics to identification of parts, conveyor technology, and tool identification.

Task description

  • Control of workpiece carriers within production
  • Centrally store key production and quality data on the workpiece carrier
  • Dynamic reading and writing
  • Compact assembly




  • Workpiece carrier equipped with ISO transponders: for example,  MDS D424 with 2-KB memory
  • Installation of SIMATIC RF200 readers (like RF210R) along the line
  • Directing the workpiece to the correct processing center prior to each processing stage
  • Assessing accuracy of assembly following each processing stage; results of each process are written on the transponder



  • Improved quality, because every processing stage is individually checked
  • Reliable documentation of quality data and full traceability at the component level
  • Possibility of decentralized and/or central data management
  • Compact structure enables flexible SIMATIC RF200 reader assembly options in a variety of scenarios

Task description

Unique identification of bodywork via the skid for order-based manufacturing

  • Dynamic reading and writing processes (at low speeds)
  • Long reading distances with non-precise positioning
  • Silicone-free and chemical-resistant components
  • Heat-resistant up to 220° C
  • Data transmission and security assured, even in harsh environments (like proximity to welding robots)



  • SIMATIC RF280R with MDS D126 or MDS D139/D339
  • Reader generally assembled below the skid
  • Transponder generally assambled on a crossbar



  • Transponders have a long service life and are robust and maintenance-free
  • High level of data security even in challenging environments for wireless communication
  • Transponders are scalable: different memory volumes, dimensions, and variants
  • Globally proven design

Task description

  • Complete transparency for inventory and tool location while systems are in operation
  • Fast and error-free tool data management
  • Maximum productivity and quality by ensuring rapid and error-free tool changes
  • Ideal use of downtime



  • SIMATIC RF210R or RF250R with ANT 12 and MDS D117/D127/D421/D521 transponders
  • Tool passes by the RFID antenna
  • Tool data stored on transponder automatically recorded and transmitted to CNC control
  • Manual SIMATIC RFID reader is used to ensure correct loading of tool trolley



  • Rapid and reliable automatic tool identification
  • Flexible installation possible even in confined spaces
  • Potential sources of error can be eliminated in tool management by using clear tool labeling
  • Best possible use of tool stocks thanks to transparent and efficient tool store administration
  • ISO transponders (ISO 15693) provide maximum flexibility and security of investment

Task description

  • Completed work stages imported into databases
  • Track & trace data gathered, documented, and archived
  • Necessary work stages are controlled using the identification number (UID)
  • Cost-efficient integration of a large number of read points
  • Stringent demand for temperature resistance



  • SIMATIC RF200 IO Link reader with MDS D160 transponder
  • Reads points with SIMATIC RF210R to supply identification number (UID) to control working stages
  • Production data (OK/NOK, screw parameters,…) are immediately written into database
  • High heat-resistant transponders (molding at 100° Celsius)
  • Transponders assembled on the side of or below the workpiece carriers



  • Simple integration using IO Link standard
  • No need for RFID-specific programming
  • Application can be duplicated quickly because components are easy to configure

Task description

  • Control AGV in conjunction with other sensor technologies (defined roadways)
  • Store position data on the data media: review other behavior of the AGV (continue, left/right, stop,… ) at key points
  • Speed control, review final position, specify path based on RFID



  • Assembles the RF260R on the underside of the AGV
  • Transponders recessed in the base at various key points



  • Sturdy industrial products for use in harsh industrial environments
  • Possibility of precise positioning at key points
  • Different readers for different read distances with large lateral tolerances
  • Readers with good EMC characteristics
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Components for the SIMATIC RF200 RFID system

With our portfolio for SIMATIC RF200, we offer you a comprehensive range of components for almost all identification tasks in intralogistics and production logistics – regardless of power range, design, and protection level.

Technical data

Read/write rang
up to 650 mm

13,56 MHz


ISO 15693





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SITRAIN: the Digital Industry Academy

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RFID systems in practice

RFID systems are used in a wide variety of industries. Here you will find an interesting selection of references.


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