SIMATIC RF300 – the powerful HF RFID system

SIMATIC RF300, the powerful HF RFID system

For the highest demands

Thanks to very fast data transmission and large memory, the compact SIMATIC RF300 RFID system is ideal for use in assembly lines, flexible manufacturing solutions and automation applications. It also features extensive status and diagnostic functions as well as easy integration into your infrastructure. By analyzing the data that were supplied to cloud applications by SIMATIC RF300, production processes become transparent across companies.

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Animated GIF of the new HF reader SIMATIC RF360R
New product highlight

SIMATIC RF360M - reliable, high-performance HF RFID handheld reader 

Modern, powerful HF RFID reader for production, logistics and inventory applications. Ergonomic design, color touch display, long-life battery, high protection glass and extensive software functions make this rugged device very reliable and convenient for handling. The reader consists of two parts - RF160B basic device and RF360H HF head module available in versions with internal or for external antenna. It can be easily extended with UHF functionality by plugging the RF660H UHF head module. Android-based operation system allows creating your own applications.



  • Compact design with changeable head modules 
  • Simple and flexible connection via integrated WLAN client
  • Long battery life with the possibility to change
  • Ingress protection or IP65
  • Integrated 5 MP camera
Animated GIF of the new HF reader SIMATIC RF360R

SIMATIC RF360R – compact and communicative reader

With PROFINET and OPC/UA on board, SIMATIC RF360R combines the functions of a communication module and a reader in one device. The integrated OPC UA interface, for the first time, supports direct connection to cloud applications via an Industrial IoT gateway.

The SIMATIC RF300 product family

SIMATIC RF300 – system benefits and details

With SIMATIC RF300 we offer a powerful RFID system for the highest demands on speed, data volume and diagnostic functionality.

  • Easy integration with PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, XML and OPC UA
  • Integral element of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA Portal)
  • Interference-proof data communication with high data security
  • Maintenance-free tags with up to 64 KB memory, with additional one-time programmable data area (OTP) 
  • It is possible to use the mixed transponder mode which enables the use of cost-efficient ISO15693 transponders 
  • Very fast data transmission between reader/writer and tags (up to 8000 bytes/s)
  • Comprehensive status and diagnostics functions
  • Available options with explosion certification for applications in areas subject to explosion hazards
  • Robust, compact components featuring a high degree of protection (up to IP68)
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New Reader SIMATIC RF360R

SIMATIC RF360R – compact and communicative

SIMATIC RF360R is a new cost-efficient reader for use in flexible manufacturing solutions and automation applications.

Highlights of the SIMATIC RF360R

  • SIMATIC RF360R combines the functions of a communication module and a reader in one device.
  • Integrated OPC UA interface for direct connection to cloud applications via an Industrial IoT gateway such as SIMATIC CC716
  • Two onboard PROFINET interfaces, for direct integration into automation environments 
  • Simple configuration and comprehensive diagnostics via web-based management 
  • With the scalable network management system SINEC NMS, you can efficiently configure and monitor several SIMATIC RF360R reader in parallel.
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Seamless transparency in a multitude of use cases

With its reliability and efficiency, SIMATIC RF300 ensures seamless data transparency from sensor to cloud every day – the basic prerequisite for perfect control and systematic optimization of your material flow.

Support of pharmaceutical Track & Trace systems

When producing valuable and cost-intensive pharmaceutical products, the building of an E-Pedigree is of central importance to avoid counterfeits and recalls as well as distribution and process errors. 


SIMATIC RF300 enables the seamless tracking of all production and logistics processes.


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Route control of Automated Guided Vehicles

Volatile markets make flexible production a key success factor in many industries. In this context, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) play an important role as mobile workpiece carriers. 


SIMATIC RF300 makes it possible to control the travel path of AGVs and to determine individual positions.


Download PDF of the use case

Automotive powertrain – engine manufacturing

In the manufacturing of combustion engines, process reliability and product quality are top priorities – at the highest possible cycle rates. Important in this context: automated tool identification with RFID.


SIMATIC RF300 ensures maximum transparency in assembly - and thus seamless traceability and quality control.


Download PDF of the use case

Electric engine production in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, the traceability of all quality-relevant materials and components must be guaranteed during the manufacture of electric motors. 


With SIMATIC RF300, all production-relevant information can be stored on a workpiece carrier and read and written at individual workstations. 


Download PDF of the use case

Painting lines (paintshop) in the automotive industry

In the paint shop, the clear identification of the car body is essential for its job-related coloring - under extremely demanding environmental conditions. 


SIMATIC RF300 meets even the toughest requirements in paint shops - in terms of degree of protection, as well as chemical and temperature resistance. 


Download PDF of the use case

Electric overhead monorail system in manufacturing

In many production plants, electric monorail systems are used to transport workpieces. Here, the workpieces are automatically identified and assigned for targeted production process control.


SIMATIC RF300 ensures that all relevant production and quality data is stored as well as dynamically read and written.


Download PDF of the use case

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SITRAIN: Digital Industry Academy

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