The high-performance UHF RFID system 


SIMATIC RF600 for transparentprocesses in the digital enterprise

As an essential element in digital infrastructure, SIMATIC RF600 offers end-to-end supply chain solutions with an integrated, scalable portfolio of readers, antennae, and tags.

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At a glance

The SIMATIC RF600 UHF system


  • Scalable portfolio of high-performance UHF readers – now including compact versions
  • Large selection of labels and tags for industrial applications
  • Wide range of external antennae for all ambient conditions
  • Transparency in production and logistics, thanks to simple cloud connections via OPC UA
  • Reduced project expenditure thanks to quick and easy access to proven configuration, commissioning, and diagnostic tools via a Web browser
  • Proven ‘UHF for Industry’-algorithms
  • Reduced engineering costs: Easy integration into the SIMATIC automation environment, for example, the TIA Portal
Your catalog and order system for automation and drive systems

SIMATIC RF600 product information

SIMATIC Ident - Device Management with SINEC NMS

Fast and secure commissioning of device fleets

With the scalable network management system SINEC NMS, you can efficiently configure and monitor several SIMATIC Ident components in parallel.

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The future is digital

SIMATIC RF600 delivers data to the cloud

The analysis and use of huge amounts of data opens up unimagined potential. You can now use your data efficiently using MindSphere: the cloud-based, open IoT operating system. As a link between the real and digital worlds, SIMATIC RF600 allows operating resources that couldn’t previously be mapped digitally to be registered and tracked. Subsequent analysis makes KPIs like system availability, capacity utilization and energy-saving potential transparent. This enables the optimization of production processes and supply chains, for example, in order to improve efficiency and quality in production, logistics, asset management, and other areas.

Tap potential with the latest solutions 

Thanks to SIMATIC RF600, you’ll benefit from an end-to-end solution that ranges from sensors and connections to digital services and cloud-based applications. The easy and secure connection to cloud applications utilizes an industrial IoT gateway, like RUGGEDCOM RX1400 with CloudConnect – SIMATIC S7-1500 and CP1545-1. This is supported by Siemens MindSphere, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud.

New from Siemens: A scalable portfolio of high-performance UHF readers


Reliable, high-performance UHF RFID handheld reader

Modern, powerful UHF RFID reader for applications in logistics and manufacturing.  Ergonomic design, color touch display, long-life battery, high protection glass and extensive software functions make this rugged device very reliable and convenient for handling. The mobile terminal consists of two parts - RF660H UHF head module and RF160B basic device. Its functionality can be easily extended with HF functionality by plugging the RF360H HF head module. Android-based operation system allows creating your own applications.


Your benefits:

  • Compact design with changeable head modules 
  • Simple and flexible connection via integrated WLAN client
  • Long battery life with the possibility to change
  • Ingress protection IP65
  • Integrated 5 MP camera


Highly compact UHF RFID reader

The SIMATIC RF615R reader is ideally suited for use in mechanical engineering and plant construction as well as in material handling, wherever compact dimensions and a short read range of up to 1 m are required. An integrated antenna with circular polarization and an external antenna connection allow it to be mounted right where it’s needed and operated with no need for accessories. You also benefit from increased plant availability, thanks to diagnostics during live operation and a diagnostic history in the logbook.

Your benefits:

  • Especially compact design: 133 x 155 x 45 mm
  • Proven “UHF for Industry”-algorithms
  • Cloud connection via OPC UA interface and IoT gateway: for example, RUGGEDCOM RX1400 with CloudConnect


Especially compact UHF antenna

The especially compact design of the SIMATIC RF615A and its protection class (IP67) make the antenna ideal for installation in tight spaces – and for use under the toughest industrial conditions. Linear polarization also reliably reduces the impact of reflection and over-ranges. The antenna is easy and convenient to attach to the SIMATIC RF600 reader using a pre-assembled UHF antenna cable.


Your benefits:

  • Extremely compact design (52 x 52 x 16 mm)
  • High protection class (IP67) for harsh environmental conditions
  • Read distance of up to 1.3 m


Ultra compact, long range

The passive and maintenance-free SmartLabel SIMATIC RF630L, with a reading range of up to 5 meters, was mainly developed for warehouse and distribution logistics as well as product identification. Due to their broadband design, the SmartLabels are suitable for worldwide use.


Your benefits:

  • Reading range up to 5 m
  • Especially compact size (73 x 12.5 mm or 75 x 20 mm)
  • Large storage capacity of up to 448-bit EPC plus 2048-bit user memory
  • Individually printable


Tag for metal mounting

The sturdy, maintenance-free, passive SIMATIC RF645T tag (52 x 36 x 12.5 mm) was specifically designed for mounting directly on metal surfaces. Depending on the environment and the readers and antennae used, it can achieve a read/write distance of up to 6 m. The tag’s broadband operating frequency (865 MHz to 928 MHz) makes it globally usable – in production control, in supply chain and asset management, and in tracking and tracing. 


Your benefits:

  • Read/write distance of up to 6 m
  • Sturdy, passive, and maintenance-free
  • Large user memory for both central and local data management


Long-range, ultra heatproof SmartLabel

The passive and maintenance-free label SIMATIC RF682L has been developed for applications in production logistics with high temperature loads such as paint shops and achieves a reading range of up to 6 meters. The label can be used in harsh industrial environments due to its IP67 high degree of protection.


Your benefits:

  • Printable SmartLabel with reading range up to 6 m
  • Survives even extreme temperatures of up to 230 degrees Celsius for short periods 
  • Customer-specific adaptations possible on request 
  • Large storage capacity of up to 448-bit EPC plus 2048-bit user memory
Versatile applications with SIMATIC RF600

Quality and efficiency along the value chain

Individual solutions for all applications, reliable tag recognition, and easy commissioning, maintenance, and servicing: Benefit from multiple advantages united in a single system. Learn how from the following use cases.


  • The transportation of similar types of objects via modular and space-saving conveyor systems.


  • SIMATIC RF615R and SIMATIC RF650A UHF antenna together form a small gate.
  • SIMATIC RF610R is connected directly to a PC on the conveyor system as a standalone solution.


  • Compact reader is easy to integrate in small spaces.
  • Local response to trigger signals and read events using integrated, digital IOs.
  • Cost-efficient gate configuration. 


  • Equip each workstation with one read point to track objects on the line.


  • SIMATIC RF680R and R685R can be networked together with two integrated PROFINET connections each.


  • PROFINET networking prevents an unfavorable star structure.
  • This makes it easy to implement production controls, for example, and one-time manufacturing to customer specifications.


  • Monitor incoming, outgoing, and the distribution of goods.


  • SIMATIC RF680R with four antennae monitors the incoming goods gate.
  • Sender data on the tag is read and sent wirelessly to higher-level systems.
  • Individual packages commissioned according to order, with new recipient data on tags.
  • After the packages are checked the gate for outgoing goods is opened or a warning message issued.


  • Saves time and prevents errors, thereby increasing throughput.
  • Integrated OPC UA interface keeps integration cost and effort low.


  • Automatic, cross-location tracking and tracing of goods.


  • Installation of SIMATIC RF650R with up to four antennae, sensor technology, and signal at one gate.
  • Sensor starts/ends the read process for the tags attached to the product.
  • Signal shows red for “error” and green for “clear to go”.
  • The data automatically acquired is forwarded to a cloud platform via an Industrial IoT gateway.


  • Creates transparency in material flows and prevents errors.
  • Worldwide availability of data that is always up to date – including across company boundaries. 


  • Consistent, end-to-end identification of car bodies, from shell construction to final assembly.


  • Heat-resistant SIMATIC RF680L smart labels automatically attached to automobile bodies
  • SIMATIC RF685R connected via PROFINET or using ASM456 via PROFIBUS
  • Additional SIMATIC RF680A adaptive antenna ensures reliable read results, even in challenging environments


  • Uniform identification system reduces costs
  • Continuous identification improves quality and productivity


  • Acquiring up-to-date information on asset location, condition, and content at all times.


  • Information via RFID gates and read points in the area where the assets are located.
  • Comprehensive documentation for each process step.
  • Information on asset status and contents is written to the tags.


  • Transparency over inventory and degree of utilization.
  • Comprehensive documentation of product quality and legal requirements.
The right device for your requirements

Components for the SIMATIC RF600 RFID system

Our portfolio of SIMATIC RF600 solutions provides you with a wide range of components for almost all identification tasks. Regardless of capacity, design, or degree of protection required.

Technical data

Read/write distance 
up to 8 m

865–868 MHz (ETSI for Europa)

902–928 MHz (FCC for USA)

920–925 MHz (CMIIT for China)

920–924 MHz (ARIB for Japan)


EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2

ISO 18000-63

ISO 18000-62

Communication protocols

XML, PROFINET, OPC UA and EtherNet/IP integrated via Industrial Ethernet


SIMATIC RF600 RFID system in practice

SIMATIC RF600 is used in many different sectors. We have compiled an interesting selection of references for you here.

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