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One technology. Infinite options.

Discover SIMATIC RTLS by Siemens – a scalable locating system specifically designed for industrial applications. Reduce your search time and optimize your material flow with dynamic, real-time locating data for each and every relevant asset in your production. With SIMATIC RTLS, you are free to implement your individual digitalization strategy - and accelerate your business transformation in production and logistics.

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Siemens participated with a unique virtual presence. In line with the motto "Infinite opportunities from infinite data", participants in the Digital Enterprise Virtual Experience were able to explore all of the Siemens highlights in a realistic 3D environment and be inspired by this first-rate digital experience.


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SIMATIC RTLS in practical use

Transparent electronics production in Fürth

With about 2,000 boxes of material in constant circulation, this is a production environment with a low volume but a high mix of final products. Using SIMATIC RTLS means increased throughput, with a minimum of search effort.

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Flexible, adaptable locating solutions with SIMATIC RTLS

The system

One seamless, precise, and complete locating solution

Know what’s where and when: SIMATIC RTLS uses seamless locating to position all relevant assets –your workpieces, tools, even vehicles or robots – to within a few centimeters. Dynamically, in real time, and with precision. No matter where they are on the premises. It then makes that information available to higher-level systems. With such transparency, that all you need to do to optimize the movement of your assets, is analyze the location data.

Tap into the digital future

SIMATIC RTLS completes the digital twin of all your processes – from delivery to further processing and final assembly. How? All relevant objects in a plant or warehouse are fitted with a transponder for a start.

The transponder signals are bundled by gateways and picked up by a higher-level system. The calculated position is then provided to intelligent automation systems and manufacturing units.

Ultra-wideband technology (UWB) enables maximum precision and reliability: For local wireless communication, an extremely wide frequency range (3-7 GHz) with a bandwidth of at least 500 MHz is used to transmit weak wireless signals. This prevents the risk of interference with other systems.

The result is extremely precise object location with accuracy down to centimeters.

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The components

Flexible, adaptable infrastructure

Take a decisive step towards a digital enterprise: SIMATIC RTLS is extremely easy to install, and capable of adapting in stages to increasing demands. Extra units can be added at any time – without additional configuration cost at all. The following elements cover the entire locating infrastructure.
SIMATIC RTLS in the industry mall

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Expand your view of locating information

Data brings value. Tracking assets seamlessly offers unexpected and valuable insights into your production. Providing crucial information for higher-level systems. And laying the foundation for smooth, highly efficient, and safe workflows.

Employee safety has become an increasingly challenging topic: Intelligent approaches are in demand in the manufacturing industry and in logistics companies. This will become even more important, when capacities and productivity are ramped up again.

SIMATIC RTLS enables the measurement, monitoring and maintenance of the safety distance between individual employees. Using wearable transponders that interact with infrastructure devices, employee movements can also be monitored.

The new SieTrace application also helps ensure workforce distancing. It processes the location data of the transponders using an algorithm, recognizes distances between employees, and triggers an alarm signal to all groups of people involved if the distance is less than 1.5 meters.

SIMATIC RTLS – a smart decision:

  • Contact tracing via the RTLS monitoring software, which maintains a history of employee movements
  • RTLS infrastructure can be used for other tasks beside social distancing – e.g. production control and asset tracking
  • Tools such as the Production Digital Twin can utilize RTLS data to optimize processes and safety

Software expansion for even greater transparency

Benefit from a comprehensive overview of the material flow and order information in your factory with Location Intelligence. This new, web-based software – which can be accessed directly from your local ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems – expands SIMATIC RTLS to include the digital twin of performance. 

The software analyzes and visualizes dynamic data and processes events. This is made possible by intelligently linking transponder IDs and order data, and through use of so-called geofences. With the help of these virtually defined areas, it is possible to detect in real time when a transponder enters or exits a certain area. The result: a transparency which paves the way to the systematic optimization of your production and logistics processes. 

Quality according to plan

Get rid of the paper trail in your factory with a system that lets you locate every workpiece seamlessly. E-paper transponders display processing information in context of the current location – meaning your workers have access to information such as the order number or next process step directly on the E-ink display.

This is also more flexible and advantageous than traditional paper dispatch forms with processing statuses automatically recorded and continuous production documentation guaranteed. Enjoy this new dimension of quality management, based on a seamless digital infrastructure.

Your path to an individual locating solution

When it comes to end-to-end solutions for your digital enterprise, Siemens is your trusted global partner. We have years of experience with innovative technologies in production and logistics.

In SIMATIC RTLS, you’ll find a complete solution from a single source. Concept and budget. Realization, proof of concept, implementation, and commissioning. Demonstration and training. All wrapped in long-term maintenance and service.

With an international footprint and a comprehensive network of local partners around the globe, Siemens is always close by and on-site.

Seamless, precise, and complete: locating solutions tailored to your needs

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Flexible solutions are a cornerstone of any solid digitalization journey. Several customers are counting on SIMATIC RTLS for just such solutions.
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Put your trust in a flexible locating solution

SIMATIC RTLS offers accuracy and reliability in industrial environments, thanks to a robust design. You benefit from a smooth implementation of solutions, thanks to our comprehensive expertise. Whatever are your existing conditions, we integrate SIMATIC RTLS flexibly into various IT systems, including cloud-based applications. And thanks to its scalability and expandability, the system is highly future-proof. Interested in talking further? Contact us. We look forward to designing a solution to perfectly meet your business needs.