RTLS system for real-time locating

With SIMATIC RTLS, you always know where everything is located in industrial applications. Thanks to seamless real-time positioning, the scalable RTLS makes it possible to precisely locate relevant assets in production and logistics. Precision for automation. Driven by data.

Fixed reference points

The permanently installed gateways receive real-time positioning data from the transponders, furnish it with a timestamp, and transmit it to the server.

Workplace safety

During challenging times in particular, RTLS is especially important for determining and monitoring distances between employees. If the distance falls below a defined minimum, the relevant employees immediately receive a warning signal.

Automated guided vehicles

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have become an essential component of many industrial processes. RTLS is able to track their movements and ensures that an AGV “sees” potential obstacles and avoids them.

Installation on moving objects

Transponders are fitted to workpieces, robots, vehicles, etc. and transmit signals at defined intervals. They can visualize information on an e-ink display and are available in different designs, including OEM versions.

Maximum transparency through indoor and outdoor locating

Real-time locating of relevant assets ensures maximum transparency and opens up brand-new prospects in a wide range of applications. With the knowledge of what is moving where and when and the ability to visualize these data points, you’re able to remove bottlenecks and boost throughput and efficiency.

Significantly reduce your search times

SIMATIC RTLS lets you locate relevant assets in real time with an accuracy measured in centimeters – whether workpieces, tools, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), robots, or even employees. As a result, you can eliminate time-consuming search processes and optimize your material inventory.



  • Control production stages
  • Container management
  • Workpiece status and position
  • Forklift location

Automated documentation processes

With SIMATIC RTLS, you automatically guarantee the perfect quality control of your products and processes. In addition, the input and output of materials and end products, manual and automated workflows in production and assembly, as well as service and maintenance jobs are documented automatically.



  • Maintenance
  • Container management
  • Depot management
  • Paperless factory
  • Tool locating

Shorten throughput times

Discover the many ways to optimize processes with SIMATIC RTLS – for example, by monitoring the entire material flow from the warehouse, to the travel routes of your transportation systems, to the movements of tools, workpieces, and components within the process. This allows you to identify bottlenecks, analyze material flow, and shorten throughput times. Relevant information on a particular object can always be displayed directly.



  • Forklift location
  • Container management
  • Depot management
  • Paperless factory

Automate and accelerate workflows

With our pioneering, real-time locating system, you can coordinate and accelerate workflows by automating production steps based on the progress of preceding steps. You can also control your mobile production and tools, identify optimal transportation routes, avoid hazards, and implement self-controlling production and logistics concepts.



  • AGV / Trugger trains
  • Depot management
  • Robotics

An efficient and future-ready work environment

Make data available to your employees on site and enable them to perform their tasks more efficiently. Tablets and vehicles can be fitted with transponders that transmit locating information to tablets, HMIs, or higher-level control systems. Together with location-dependent instructions, your employees can be efficiently guided in their respective tasks.



  • Access control
  • On-site safety
  • Optimization of on-site service

Your path to a tailor-made, real-time positioning system 

As a trailblazer and reliable partner in all things related to the digital enterprise, we offer you SIMATIC RTLS. RTLS is a unique, overall solution that covers everything from design, budgeting, implementation, proof of concept, installation, and commissioning to demonstration and training – all in combination with long-term service and maintenance. Our comprehensive global network is available to you wherever you need support.


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Complete positioning solution – and trailblazer for the digital transformation

SIMATIC RTLS (real-time locating system) is a critical component of industry on the way to implementing your customized digitalization strategy and enables you to advance the digital transformation of your company.

Tap into the digital future

SIMATIC RTLS completes the digital twin of your processes – from delivery to further processing to final assembly. For this purpose, all relevant objects in the plant or warehouse are first equipped with a transponder. Gateways bundle the transponder signals and make them available to the higher-level system Locating Manager. Here, the positions of the objects are calculated and forwarded to intelligent automation systems and production units.


RTLS uses highly precise and reliable ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which utilizes an extremely wide frequency range (3-7 GHz) with a bandwidth of at least 500 MHz for short-range radio communication.


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The system components for a flexible, adaptable infrastructure

SIMATIC RTLS represents a major step toward the digital enterprise. The system can be adapted to growing requirements. The system adapts to growing requirements. Further components can be added at any time without a lot of additional configuration effort. The following components. all of which you can find in the Industry Mall, cover the entire locating infrastructure.
Animation of the battery-powered transponder moving from one stylized zone to another. Depending on which zone it is in at the moment, the content of the display changes.
New product highlight: ePaper transponder SIMATIC RTLS4083T, Plus

Greater transparency in production and logistics – without paper

SIMATIC RTLS4083T, Plus provides precise locating data for relevant assets and people in real time on its 3" display. Thus, the compact ePaper transponder with rechargeable battery in high protection class plays a key role for more efficient processes.

  • Better process management and paperless production
  • Real-time process monitoring
  • Implementation of safety concepts in challenging times

Real-time positioning data for maximum transparency based on optimization

Location Intelligence expands SIMATIC RTLS to include a digital twin of performance. This web-based software analyses and displays motion data, processes events, and can be activated directly from local ERP or MES systems. The result is a seamless solution linking software and hardware, IT and OT, and shop floor and top floor.

Comprehensive overview of material flows and order information

Using Location Intelligence, you can link transponder IDs to order data in order to display order information on SIMATIC RTLS ePaper transponders – while remaining completely paperless. The resulting increase in transparency makes it possible to optimize processes individually. The key is “geofences” – virtually defined areas that can be created using drag and drop and allow you to monitor when a transponder enters or leaves an area. These entrance and exit events as well as throughput times can be statistically evaluated, visualized, or linked to additional actions. Consequently, bottlenecks and deviations from the production schedule are detected and optimization measures are implemented quickly and strategically.

The Location Intelligence Event Handler enables a highly flexible and targeted assignment of actions to these events – such as controlling a PLC or sharing information with an ERP, MES, or shop-floor management system. It also makes it possible to transfer KPIs, including dwell and throughout times, to the cloud for advanced analytics while production is still in progress. This allows you to use apps that are already available on Siemens’ MindSphere cloud platform, like Predictive Learning and Performance Insight, without having to invest in your own analysis tools. You can also compare workflows across locations.


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The tremendous potential of real-time positioning data

Data creates value. This is especially clear when it comes to locating relevant assets in production and logistics.

Function block library for more efficient process control and automation

The integration of your PLC systems in SIMATIC RTLS enables much more efficient process control and process automation. All you need is the new LRTLS function block library, which allows SIMATIC S7 controllers to receive locating data directly from the Locating Manager. Other function blocks make it possible to implement geofencing functions – in other words, to monitor defined physical areas – using the transponder coordinates received from the S7. In addition, AGVs always “know” their exact location by linking their local position to RTLS factory coordinates.


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Benefits at a glance:

  • Use of real-time capability without intermediate levels
  • Simpler use in process control independently of additional business logic
  • Highly specific use of defined physical areas

Quality according to plan

Reduce the flood of paper in your factory with an RTLS that allows you to seamlessly locate any workpiece and with ePaper transponders that can display position-specific processing information. They give your employees direct access to information like order numbers or the next processing step.


Thanks to its greater flexibility, this solution is superior to printed order documents. It automatically detects the processing status in order to ensure the continuous documentation of production. Discover a new dimension of quality management based on a seamless, digital infrastructure.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Seamless locating of any workpiece thanks to ePaper transponders
  • Direct access to relevant information by employees
  • Continuous documentation of production

Production during challenging times

SIMATIC RTLS makes it possible to anonymously measure and maintain social distances between individual employees. Their movements can be tracked via wearable transponders that interact with infrastructure devices. Additional software guarantees social distancing between employees, as well as processing locating data from the transponders using an algorithm, determining distances between them, and, if the social distance falls below a defined value, issuing a warning signal.


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Benefits at a glance:

  • Safe contact thanks to compliance with safety specifications
  • Anonymous logging of employee movements
  • Avoidance of production downtimes during challenging times


Flexible solutions are a cornerstone of any solid digitalization journey. Many companies are counting on SIMATIC RTLS for just such solutions. Here are some examples.
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With its robust design, accuracy, and reliability, SIMATIC RTLS is made for the industrial environment. Take advantage of Siemens’ expertise and benefit from a seamless implementation of your tailor-made locating solution. Together, we’ll find a solution that meets all your requirements. Contact us!