SIMATIC MindSphere Apps 

Monitor and optimize the performance and energy consumption of your production lines on a global scale in real time.  

Make production lines more transparent and efficient with cloud-based applications: SIMATIC MindSphere Apps uses the data from our IoT MindSphere operating system to give you an enhanced insight into the performance and status of your machines, plants and automation processes. You benefit from new business models, higher resource efficiency and greater output from your processes.

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SIMATIC MindSphere Apps

Analyzing and visualizing machines and plants

Our SIMATIC MindSphere App uses data – such as performance, availability and messages from MindSphere – to generate information and notifications. As a user, you can use this data worldwide to assist operation, maintenance and optimization, without requiring time-consuming application development or tools.

Discover the SIMATIC MindSphere Apps

SIMATIC MindSphere Apps prepares the data managed by our MindSphere IoT operating system to bring you closer to your machines, plants and automation processes no matter whether you are supervising global activities or are working locally as an operator in a plant. And if you are a machine manufacturer, SIMATIC MindSphere Apps will transform your company because, thanks to MindSphere Apps, you can guarantee your customers better services and higher availability.

SIMATIC Performance Insight – Analyzing machine and plant data worldwide 

The SIMATIC Performance Insight MindSphere application enables you to optimize the performance of machines and plants on the basis of current operating data. Whether for a single machine, a complete production line or machines and plants distributed around the world, you will benefit from the greater transparency created by SIMATIC Performance Insight. You can calculate your individual KPIs on the basis of the data to optimize important figures, such as overall equipment efficiency, quality and output. Clearly arranged dashboards and graphics enable you to compare the performance of different machines, plants, locations and production shifts. This gives you, as a plant operator, a solid basis for your decisions, and as a machine manufacturer you can offer your customers a better service.


  • Monitor and compare machines, plants and locations
  • Flexible dashboards for detailed insights and analyses
  • Widgets (trend, speedometer, bar chart, Gantt chart) for displaying machine states and performances over the course of time
  • Configurable time intervals for analyzing potential and performance retrospectively
  • Extended detailed views
  • Formula editor for calculating individual performance indicators on the basis of various parameters
  • Type/instance concept allows dashboards and KPIs to be re-used easily
  • Additional Widgets
  • Shared Assets 
  • Aggregation functions for data points and KPIs

SIMATIC Notifier – Intelligent notification on mobile terminal devices

Reduce your downtimes by having more information. The SIMATIC Notifier MindSphere application simply sends appropriate messages to the mobile terminal devices or smart devices of your operating and maintenance employees. No material in the machine? Contact your service technicians no matter where you are in the plant. Is there a fault in the machine? Have your service technicians report directly from the machine, even before the machine operator makes contact. With the SIMATIC Notifier you can access individual notifications through the web or app devices, no matter where the user is. The application can be configured so that each person only receives those messages he or she needs.


  • Configurable interface for a quick and easy overview of the relevant alarms, messages and faults
  • Monitor the condition of your worldwide machine park on the basis of message and fault data
  • A function for accepting messages supports the work in teams


  • Easily receive location-independent messages about machine states on a smart phone – even when you are on the move
  • View and edit notifications on the mobile terminal device
  • Notifications can be individually configured

SIMATIC Machine Monitor – Substantiated data for better servicing of machines and plants

The SIMATIC Machine Monitor MindSphere application helps machine and plant constructors to monitor the operating states and service requirements of their machines, which may be in use all over the world. The application displays the relevant key figures on a clearly laid out dashboard. You can quickly access detailed data from this information to optimize the performance capability and availability of machines. As a machine manufacturer, you benefit from better and more dynamic planning of your service activities. The application not only gives you information about productivity and availability but also has maintenance interval indicators to help you plan worldwide service jobs, an alarm monitor for searching for causes, and data about the actual use of the machine.


  • Productivity
  • Maintenance status
  • Availability
  • Alarm monitor
  • Product counter
  • Configurable maintenance elements for machine components (including numbers, names and alarm limit values for these elements)
  • Automatic color coding and (optional) notification when limiting values are exceeded via the SIMATIC Notifier MindSphere application

SIMATIC Energy Manager – Transparent energy flows for energy management and optimization

The SIMATIC Energy Manager MindSphere application will help you to monitor the energy consumption of your machines and plants even if they are distributed throughout the world. With the application, you can call, analyze and compare the energy data through MindSphere, for example to determine global benchmarks and identify potential for optimization. The application displays the relevant key energy consumption figures on configurable dashboards, and so supports the planning and implementation of efficiency measures. In this way you not only create energy transparency in accordance with ISO 50001 but also benefit from a comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption in respect of costs and loads.

SIMATIC Collaboration Board – Digitalize the paper-based root-cause analysis process to increase the efficiency of solution finding 

SIMATIC Collaboration Board MindSphere app will help to document and solve shop floor problems using the root cause analysis methods Ishikawa aka. 5-Why. The application allows to share knowledge between different factories and helps operators and maintenance managers to increase the uptime of machines and lines. The formal approach of the system guides the user in the root cause analysis process. The ability to include real-time machine data in the digital problem reports allow Quality Managers to do advanced analytics on shop floor problems. A simple task management helps to track the problem solving process. Problem reports can be easily shared with others connected to the knowledge base on MindSphere, helping them to solve their problems much faster. 

This is what SIMATIC MindSphere Apps will do for you

Monitor the state of machines and plants, assess the performance and efficiency of your plants based on KPIs, and support service and maintenance with current information that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. The infographic explains what SIMATIC MindSphere Apps can do for you.

Machine Insight

There is a sporadic problem in the system, and the machine produces at limited speed.

Machine Insight

Helps find the cause of error, as system diagnostic data of drive systems, PLCs and condition monitoring systems are available in the cloud for the machine builder and end customer.

Machine Insight

  • Improves worldwide maintenance ser- vice with remote error diagnosis based on system diagnostics data
  • Optimizes availability and performance with retro perspective error-root cause analysis

Performance Insight

The total factory performance has been falling sharply.

Performance Insight

Through the analysis of total production, lines and machines key performance indicators, it is possible to detect the root cause of the performance loss.

Performance Insight

  • Optimizes production efficiency with access to all relevant machine performance indicators worldwide.
  • Detects and derivates optimization potential based on component, machine, line and plant views


Premature unexpected failure of the packaging machine's geared motor.


Machine builders and end-customers are informed directly via SIMATIC Notifier MindApp and can initiate further steps to fix the problem.


Allows to detect machine downtimes and service needs more easily with

  • A worldwide access to alarm data
  • Individual push notifications on smartphones

Machine Monitor

Geared motor on the conveyor belt is soon due for maintenance again.

Machine Monitor

Machine builder gets notified (based on machine-usage data) that the motor must be replaced soon to avoid failure.

Machine Monitor

Machine builders benefit from a more efficient, dynamical maintenance planning based on the machine condition, its next maintenance schedule, and its worldwide location.

Energy Manager

Plant is wasting too much energy.

Energy Manager

Helps detect energy wastage in non-productive machine states and notifies machine user.

Energy Manager

  • Transparency of energy costs and consumption from the machine level to sites worldwide allows to optimize energy consumption


Allow to track the machine and plant condition, performance indicators, errors and maintenance needs – worldwide and location independent.

Benefits for machine builders

  • Enhance the machine service operations.
    • By remotely obtaining a detailed failure diagnosis per machine
    • By executing dynamic maintenance intervals
  • Increase the machines productivity in a joint approach together with your customers
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