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Tasks encountered in most automation projects include user administration, maintenance and planning – and this is where you benefit strongly from increased efficiency. And that’s why Siemens offers software tools that can perform these tasks quickly, easily and efficiently, across all of your automation projects.

Product range

Software for shared tasks at a glance

The powerful tools offered by SIMATIC software will save you valuable time, allowing you to focus on your core automation tasks. This achievement is derived from an integrated system approach, open interfaces, intuitive user guidance, plus clear, consistent user interfaces .

Software for network planning and commissioning

Industrie 4.0 has been a feature of the production sector for some time, at least when it comes to data:
The complexity of industrial networks is constantly increasing because connectivity is required from the sensor all the way to the cloud. 
The downside: Incorrectly planned networks can quickly reach their limits here if the data volumes have not been taken into account as early as in the planning phase. In the worst case, such bottlenecks in data traffic even result in the failure of devices and segments so that larger production sections could be affected. One of the main tasks of predictive network planning is to correctly assess the available network resources to enable sound decisions to be made about how to proceed.


The Siemens Network Planner supports you as a planner of automation systems based on PROFINET and facilitates the professional and proactive planning of a system.
Benefit from the efficient planning and layout of PROFINET networks, especially if so-called “non-real-time communication” such as TCP/IP data is used in addition to real-time (RT) or IRT communication.

PRONETA - Commisioning and Diagnostics Toll for Profinet

PRONETA simplifies commissioning and configuration of your PROFINET network. The topology of your network is read automatically. You can manually adapt the address parameters of every PROFINET device or simply apply the parameters from a template, which can also be created with PRONETA

TIA Selection Tool – quick, easy, smart configuration

Do you always need the optimum configuration for planning your project? Of course you do! For your application we offer the TIA Selection Tool to support all project planners, beginners and experts alike. No detailed portfolio knowledge is necessary. TIA Selection Tool is available for download as a free desktop version or a cloud variant. 

Software for maintenance tasks

Consistently high productivity is the competitive requirement par excellence in every production. Production downtimes should be avoided if possible or - if that cannot be accomplished completely - be kept as minor as possible. Frequently, downtimes are also caused by less than optimal maintenance.
Here, intelligent maintenance strategies can be employed, whose essential goal is to make the maintenance plannable, as a result of which downtimes are considerably reduced.


SIMATIC Automation Tool - The easy support for commissioning, maintenance and service

Machine manufacturers and plant operators are facing the challenge of customizing their machines and plants relatively easily and keeping them up-to-date. The different life stages of commissioning, maintenance and service bring with them special requirements or tasks that have to be managed and for which the SIMATIC Automation Tool can offer optimal support.

The SIMATIC Automation Tool enables users to manage TIA automation components during commissioning, maintenance tasks and in case of service. What makes the SIMATIC Automation Tool special is that it is based on the TIA Portal projects but that the individual tasks can be executed independently of the engineering framework; this makes it the perfect addition for commissioning, maintenance and service.

Starting with version 3.1 of SIMATIC Automation Tool it is possible to manage all failsafe control families S7-1200F, S7-1500F as well as ET 200SP Failsafe and ET 200pro Failsafe  based on S7-1500.
In addition to firmware updates you can now download complete F projects.


A typical example of using the SIMATIC Automation Tool in the commissioning phase is exporting/downloading projects and customizing IP addresses by means of bulk operation to a large number of identical control cabinets as is usually the case for large solar parks.



If updates and optimizations have to be performed during operation due to changed mechanical configurations or program changes, the SIMATIC Automation Tool lets maintenance personnel make these adjustments without the TIA Portal. If loss of production and downtimes play a crucial role, the last executable version of a plant can be exported with the SIMATIC Automation Tool before changes are made to the plant; it can then be accessed again in case of error.



In case of service, the SIMATIC Automation Tool offers a number of functionalities to get a quick and easy overview of the reachable and installed automation components with the respective versions (firmware, serial number, etc.) and to archive them for revisions.

An API enables users to integrate the functionalities of the SIMATIC Automation Tool into an automatic process.


Supported product families

  • SIMATIC S7-1200 (Standard and Failsafe)

  • SIMATIC S7-1500 (Standard and Failsafe)

  • SIMATIC ET 200 (Standard and Failsafe)

  • SIMATIC HMI Basic/Comfort/Mobile Panels

  • SITOP power supplies

  • Identification systems RFID

SIMATIC Automation Tool is available in two different variants:


  • SIMATIC Automation Tool with a basic set of operations
  • SIMATIC Automation Tool Advanced with additional functions

Detailed information you will find at  Industry Online Support where you can also download a 21 day trial license. 
Order No. of the unlimited licenses at Industry Mall see below.

In addition available is a SIMATIC Automation Tool Software Development Kit (SDK) that  enables users to create an application using the SIMATIC Automation Tool Application Programming Interface (API) as a separate installation setup. These customer applications can be distributed to third parties including the API software in order to perform a variety of device automation tasks efficiently. Users do not need a license key to apply the custom applications.


Efficient diagnostics of all process components

SIMATIC PDM is a universal, manufacturer-independent tool for configuration, parameter assignment, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of intelligent field devices and components.
SIMATIC PDM can be used as a service and diagnostics tool in the stand-alone version as well as integrated into engineering stations of SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS 7 Maintenance Station

SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor -Intelligent and comprehensive diagnostics

SIMATIC IPC come standard with a high level of ruggedness and reliability thanks to their industrial architecture. With the PC diagnostics/alarm software SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor, this level can be further increased. IPC DiagMonitor monitors, signals and visualizes the operating statuses of the SIMATIC IPC both locally and remotely. SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor detects possible hardware and software errors early. A number of safety-relevant operating parameters are monitored and visualized.

Software for administration tasks

User administration, traceability, versioning and data management, the more complex an automation solution gets, the more important are reliable and convenient software for administration tasks.

SIMATIC Logon - User administration and traceability


The option package Logon serves to create access privileges for projects and libraries in STEP 7. When access protection is activated, a change log can be recorded.
With S7-Graph, S7-SCL and S7-HiGraph (from STEP 7 V5.6) in combination with the SIMATIC Logon option package, functions can be implemented that support tracking and tracing as required by the FDA.

SIMATIC Logon is also offered as an option package for the HMI software packages WinCC (up to V6.2) WinCC RT Advanced and WinCC flexible to meet requirements of user administration in the sector of operator control and monitoring.

SIMATIC Version Trail is a software package for engineering which, together with the SIMATIC Logon central user administration, can assign a version history to libraries, projects and multi-projects. SIMATIC Version Trail supports the user in uniquely identifying versions during archiving to enable them to be clearly identified later. This significantly reduces the probability of error.


> more information on SIMATIC Version Trail

The Version Cross Manager compares objects and their attributes that are grouped hierarchically or can be mapped to a tree structure. The Version Cross Manager displays the differences in graphical form. This becomes necessary, for instance, after acceptance by the customer,  the German Technical Inspectorate (TÜV) or FDA certificators.


> more information on SIMATIC Version Cross Manager

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