SIMATIC Robot Integrator

Robot integration with SIMATIC Robot Integrator App in production

Your shortcut to robotics

The SIMATIC Robot Integrator app makes a quick and easy job of integrating robots from a wide range of manufacturers into your machine concept, thus opening up new opportunities for machine manufacturers in every sector.

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Come to our booth at the SPS in Nuremberg from November 23 to 25, 2021, where you can network with others in person, check out exhibits, and find solutions to problems. All of this will take place, of course, in line with a safety and hygiene concept that complies with the latest regulations.


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SIMATIC Robot Library

New: the universal library for even faster robot integration

Robot integration with SIMATIC Robot Integrator is now even easier: The new SIMATIC Robot Library makes the app complete. It enables a uniform robot connection via TIA Portal – regardless of the manufacturer. This means: You can integrate robots within the shortest time – because TIA Portal speaks their language. With the new SIMATIC Robot Library, robot manufacturers now have the opportunity to integrate themselves into SIMATIC Robotics solutions.
Webinar | December 9th, 2021 | Register now!

Robot Integration – boost your productivity with easy and uniform integration of robots in machines and lines

Johannes Röck, Tobias Fengel and Günes Bilgen will show you:

  • a standardized interface to robots
  • SIMATIC Robot Library as uniform program language for robots in TIA Portal
  • SIMATIC Robot Integrator as uniform operation across manufacturers
  • Live circuit to our robotics lab for the real solution
Your shortcut to robotics

SIMATIC Robot Integrator: simple integration and programming of robots from a wide range of manufacturers

More and more sectors are using industrial robots. Integrating them requires knowledge of specific robot programming tools, which is not always available within the company.

Buying in such knowledge from external specialists is time-consuming – and expensive. The SIMATIC Robot Integrator app makes robotics easily accessible to every machine manufacturer. Familiarity with the TIA Portal is all that is needed to integrate robots. That saves engineering costs. And if robots from different manufacturers are to be deployed, users only have to replace the specific libraries in the TIA Portal.

The advantages

Benefit from robots quickly and easily

Achieve more while reducing the amount of engineering and operational complexity: SIMATIC Robot Integrator is a ready-to-use solution that enables the integration of robots from a wide range of manufacturers without external assistance.

SIMATIC Robot Integrator Download

Robot integration in the TIA Portal allows you to get started straightaway. Once the robot has been configured, download our application examples. These will then control the robot straightaway thanks to their ready-to-use functionality. You can create and run robot paths on the HMI itself – whoever your robot was manufactured by.

Use Case

Efficient engineering of kinematics with SIMATIC Robot Integrator

Filling and sealing systems from Zellwag Pharmtech AG are in great demand across the globe in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. To ensure efficient engineering of the systems, Zellwag turned to Siemens. The main protagonists are the TIA Portal and the SIMATIC S7-1500 Technology CPU (T-CPU).
Keyvisual Robotics Reference Zellwag

Convincing figures

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higher machine throughput

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time-saving following initial programming


vials per hour can be filled – 350 more than before

SIMATIC Robot Integrator reduces complexity in the engineering and commissioning of robots. Machine efficiency improves – along with profitability.

Thanks to the app, we achieved a 30% time-saving in the programming of the first bundle of bottles.
Ahmad Asraf, Team leader for automation at Zellwag Pharmtech AG
The portfolio

Products in use

SIMATIC Robot Integrator connects robots very easily to the SIMATIC environment. The result: an efficient solution from a single source, from the same mold.
Read more about the close intermeshing of robots and automation in the TIA Portal.

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