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The SIMATIC Robot Integrator app lets you integrate robots from different manufacturers into your machine structures quickly and easily via TIA Portal, with no assistance from external specialists. Now with the universal SIMATIC Robot Library, TIA speaks the same language as the robots. The app offers machine builders and end customers new opportunities for flexibility and efficiency.

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SIMATIC Robot Integrator

Integrate and program robots – it’s easier than ever before

Robots can benefit companies in every sector. But integrating them into an automation environment presents many challenges. The process requires expertise in specific robot programming tools and engineering software that isn’t always available within the company.

It’s a time-consuming and costly exercise to obtain this knowledge from external experts. The SIMATIC Robot Integrator now makes the benefits of robotics readily available to all users. To integrate robots, you just need to know your way around the TIA Portal. That saves on engineering costs: Users benefit from a single engineering environment for machines and robots and from the uniform operation of robots from different manufacturers.


The app makes integration even faster and easier with the universal SIMATIC Robot Library, which enables TIA Portal to speak the same language as the robots.

PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI) has adopted the Standard Robot Command Interface that’s integrated in this library as the new standard for uniform communication with robots. The library is also certified by PLCopen, which highlights the relevance of the app as an element in plant standardization strategies.

The universal library for even faster robot integration

The SIMATIC Robot Library provides a uniform interface between the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller and the robot controller, which enables universal communication between the PLC and the robot. You no longer need to change libraries for each different make. The robot program only needs to be set up once, and it can then be re-used for different makes.

Stäubli meets SIMATIC

Stäubli is the next robot manufacturer to implement the new SIMATIC Robot Library on their platform.

This means that robots from Stäubli can now be easily programmed and run using software and systems from Siemens.

Stäubli estimates time savings of up to 30% for programming and integration thanks to the universal language and re-usable programming codes.

User benefits

Enjoy the benefits of robot systems quickly and easily

Achieve more with less time and effort: The SIMATIC Robot Integrator is a ready-to-use solution that offers extensive benefits to machine builders and end customers.

Benefits in engineering

Benefits in operation

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higher machine throughput

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faster allocation of containers

Using the SIMATIC Robot Integrator app increases machine efficiency – and your profitability as a result.

Hall of Fame

More and more robot manufacturers are recognizing the value of closely intermeshing robots and automation in TIA Portal, and they’re getting their interfaces ready to use with the SIMATIC Robot Integrator. Welcome to the team!

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Start immediately – even without SIMATIC Robot Library

You can start immediately even without the SIMATIC Robot Library. After configuring your robot, download our ready-to-use sample applications to start controlling the robot right away. You can create robot paths directly via the HMI and get started, regardless of what company manufactured your robot.


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