Working in teams with TIA Portal

TIA Portal supports teamwork in engineering and commissioning

Work in parallel on the same automation project – from engineering to commissioning

Obtain optimal results faster and save valuable engineering and commissioning time by parallelizing work processes and reducing the coordination effort required to work in teams. TIA Portal allows multiple people to work on a project simultaneously, with the support of a shared database, centrally managed and traceable changes, and clearly defined workflows.


More efficient engineering means a shorter time to market

In conventional engineering, pending tasks are handled sequentially – a process that takes time. Working in teams allows multiple developers to work on a project simultaneously and automatically synchronize their changes with the project.

Central project management for parallel work

The more complex the automation project, the greater the benefits of working in teams. When multiple people can work on and add to the same project, less time is expended on the project, which results in a shorter time to market. To ensure that these time-savings aren’t lost to coordination efforts, the TIA Portal Project Server offers the option to manage project states in a centralized storage location. Even smaller teams can benefit from the TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering function – in both the engineering and the commissioning phase.

Function overview

Discover the functions of working in teams with TIA Portal

Working in teams with TIA Portal benefits you during both the engineering and the commissioning phase. All functions are fully integrated in TIA Portal’s user interface.

Working simultaneously on shared projects

Be honest: During the engineering phase, are you still employing the waterfall method and processing individual tasks one after another? With TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering, multiple people can work on a task in parallel.


In conventional engineering, the project is divided into multiple subprojects and changes are integrated manually. Multiuser Engineering, on the other hand, is based on a centrally stored project on which multiple users can work simultaneously. The project can be stored on a separate computer or on one of the user’s computers. All developers perform their tasks in locally saved versions and feed their changes back into the main project with the press of a button. Their colleagues are automatically informed of these revisions. This also makes it possible to divide up the work on the controller or HMI on a device- or function-specific basis.

Faster commissioning with parallel work

Users can work in parallel in teams, not just in the engineering phase but also in the commissioning phase. TIA Portal Multiuser Commissioning Mode ensures that when the changes from the local session are downloaded, they’re automatically checked in to the server project, compiled, and loaded onto the device. When Commissioning Mode is selected, it applies to all connected multiuser clients. After the download, the local sessions, server project, and device all have the same version.


An automation team working on a TIA project stored in Teamcenter can also engage in collaborative engineering via the TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway. These projects are compared and merged using the reference project functionality.

Experience teamwork in the TIA Portal

Project Server

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TIA Portal offers everything you need to work in teams and to increase efficiency in engineering.

Multiuser Engineering with the TIA Portal Project Server

The TIA Portal Project Server is a standalone server application for managing, versioning, and documenting TIA Portal projects. The project server can be installed independent of TIA Portal. Multiuser Engineering allows multiple users to work together on one project at the same time in independent local sessions. Changes made by other editors are displayed and can be accepted.

TIA Portal options

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TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering enables engineering and commissioning in teams

TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering

Engineering and commissioning in teams with TIA Portal

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TIA Portal UMAC and UMC enable user management and access control

TIA Portal UMAC and UMC

User management and access control in TIA Portal

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TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway enables cross-discipline data storage in Teamcenter

TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway

Cross-discipline data storage in Teamcenter

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