Maximum profitability thanks to comprehensive Asset Integrity Management

With COMOS Platform, MRO, Shutdown, and Inspection

The top priority for plant owners during plant operation is to ensure the technical integrity, security, and reliability of plants, devices, and personnel. An effective Asset Integrity Management System provides the basis you need for this. COMOS ensures that data remains up-to-date and consistent throughout the entire plant lifecycle. As a result, you can efficiently manage your company assets and maximize your profitability. With COMOS, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio for the management of all engineering, inspection, and maintenance tasks as well as risk assessment and inspection, conversion, and disassembly – regardless of location and on a mobile basis.

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COMOS Platform, MRO, Shutdown, Inspection

Protecting company assets, personnel, the community, and the environment

A sustainable Asset Integrity Management program covers the entire lifecycle of a plant and in particular: maintenance, inspection, process, operational, and management aspects. All of these disciplines have an impact on the integrity of plant infrastructure and equipment. With COMOS Platform, MRO, Shutdown, and Inspection you can ensure the profitability and returns from your plant – while also protecting your personnel, the community, and the environment. Thanks to mobile applications: operators can also review and change data right in the field.

Secure a global, location-independent collaboration with COMOS Platform

COMOS Platform is your foundation for the global, location-independent collaboration and coordination of all stakeholders involved in the engineering and operation of a plant – a prerequisite for effective Asset Integrity Management. The standardized data platform enables a comprehensive information flow of project-relevant data across all company levels and project phases. All information is up to date any time and anywhere – for an efficient asset management strategy.

Use COMOS MRO to completely manage, plan, and organize your operations and maintenance

As a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), COMOS MRO supports the structured management of all maintenance-related data. Just one system is needed for seamless plant documentation. This means that any changes to the plant due to servicing or maintenance are immediately available in the engineering data. All processes and workflows can be analyzed and automatically documented in report form. For optimal maintenance, you can run a risk analysis on individual components in COMOS.

Ensure reliable plant shutdowns with COMOS Shutdown

COMOS Shutdown is based on COMOS MRO and supports the critical shutdown planning phase with numerous functions. The scope of COMOS Shutdown includes estimating, scheduling, coordinating, progress assessment, and reporting – all on one system. This approach provides optimal communication – your shutdown planning can thus be carried out with maximum precision and safety. 

Obtain comprehensive material testing with COMOS Inspection

COMOS Inspection enables non-destructive material testing in seamless interaction with other COMOS applications. Inspection points can be scheduled to be inspected at the same intervals used by COMOS MRO, which makes for an optimized inspection process. This prevents covering unnecessary distances and means that measurements are implemented in a timely manner. 

How does comprehensive Asset Management work with COMOS and XHQ?

XHQ - Improving enterprise performance through operations intelligence solutions

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Empower your data value – with Intelligent mobile maintenance

Digitalization is catching on in every industry - including the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries. The integrated software COMOS provides a digital assistant that carries out maintenance tasks, error message management, and redlining directly in the field – for working on the move.  

Intelligent mobile maintenance

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COMOS for Asset Integrity Management. Your benefits:


Maximum profitability thanks to comprehensive Asset Integrity Management

The top priority in plant operation is to ensure the technical integrity, security, and reliability of plants, devices, and personnel. With COMOS Platform, MRO, Shutdown, and Inspection: you have a comprehensive portfolio for managing all planning, inspection, and maintenance tasks.