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COMOS 10.4 – new perspectives for your plant

The improved usability in version COMOS 10.4 ensures smooth processes and thus time and cost savings over the entire life cycle of your plant. With the new document preview in COMOS, you will save yourself the use of third-party software in the future. With the Global Search, you can quickly find the information you need without in-depth expertise. With the new Smart Links function, you can relate your documents to each other as you wish and navigate quickly and easily through the asset structure. These are just three of the many innovations that version 10.4 has in store for you. Make an appointment with our team of experts today and find out how you can use the new version to your advantage!

Document preview

Overview with just a click!

The new document preview in COMOS considerably improves usability and, at the same time, reduces the administrative work required for external applications.

During the creation process, the documents are maintained in several version statuses. Previously, these versions could only be visualized using the original applications (e.g. MS Word, AutoCAD). Installation of the programs required for this purpose caused a high administrative workload in the past. A further challenge arose in the mobile application where, as a rule, exotic file formats could no longer be displayed. This meant that only revisions deriving from the last version status could be visualized in PDF format.

The new document preview, which will be launched with COMOS Version 10.4, now allows the visualization of a wide variety of file formats – both in COMOS itself and in the COMOS Web environment. Users are provided with structured access to document versions and revisions, without requiring proprietary software on their computer. Both time and costs can be saved through reduced administrative workload as well as license fees.


COMOS provides you with integrated plant management over the entire life cycle of a process plant.

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Global search

Using COMOS like Google!

With the new global search in COMOS Web, you access the relevant information rapidly and easily.

Both the planning phase and the operation of an industrial plant consist of extensive interaction between many different disciplines. This makes it essential to subdivide the tasks involved into several projects focused on subsections. It is not easy for different user groups in the day-to-day activities to maintain an overview – especially when they do not use COMOS on a daily basis or do not use COMOS to the full extent.

The new global search function in COMOS Web allows you to search for information, independent of projects, work statuses or hierarchical (tree) structures. Just a document number or a tag is enough to reach the right point in the plant and carry out the relevant tasks. Additional possibilities for searching, such as navigation via QR code or NFC, will lead the user to their destination even faster in the future version.

COMOS enables a seamless information flow of project-relevant data - across all company levels and project phases.

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Smart Links

Be smart – with the new Smart Links in COMOS!

The ever-increasing scale of industrial plants and a growing complexity in process sequences lead to a rapid increase of the corresponding documentation in the planning and operating phase. Easy and rapid navigation between individual documents is therefore sometimes rather complicated. Users have to spend valuable time searching for the records which are most relevant to them.

With the new Smart Links, documents can now be put into relation to each other completely as required by the customer. With a single click, rapid tracing of, for example, potential rails or distributed components becomes possible in COMOS Web. Apart from saving time and money, users also benefit from a greatly simplified workflow for their daily tasks.

The integrated COMOS software solution offers the right fix for every challenge.

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