Empower your data value – with Automation digital twin

COMOS – Making data work. Sectors like the chemical industry are characterized by long plant lifecycles with a highly fragmented data landscape. The answer is digitalization. Digital technologies increase the value of existing plant data.  The data can be used, for example, to create the digital twin of a real plant. The integrated software solution COMOS makes it extremely easy to create a digital twin.
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Dynamic requirements set the pace

A variety of factors influence a chemical company’s commercial success: HSSE requirements (health, safety, security, and environmental), operating costs, flexibility, time to market, and output. To keep pace with these growing demands, companies need to take the next step towards digitalization.

Globalized markets place high demands on engineers and operators. Projects need to be processed and products launched more and more quickly. Individual customer requirements and modifications drive up costs. At the same time, security and environmental regulations are becoming stricter. It’s important to respond at an early stage to dynamic requirements – for example, at the economic and legal level. But the most important thing for long-term commercial success is the timely implementation of digital technologies.

The existing control system often no longer meets requirements

To successfully survive in this dynamic environment, chemical companies need to go down new paths. The goal is to remain future-ready over the long term and to continuously increase productivity, quality, and flexibility. A seamless flow of information between all participating systems is a central challenge, both within engineering and between engineering and automation. But inventory systems are frequently no longer able to meet the demands, they’re too closed, they have too little integration capability, or they’re inflexibly implemented. That’s why it’s often necessary to combine the implementation of a digitalization strategy with a migration of the system to state-of-the-art technologies.

COMOS – Making data work.

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Automation digital twin

DCS automation data in a central database as the source of the digital twin

The integrated COMOS software solution makes it possible to consolidate automation data from the control systems of different providers and make it available for re-engineering or for a new control system.

A uniform data platform like COMOS is essential for effective plant management. It guarantees the optimal collaboration, continuity, and consistency of all the disciplines involved in plant engineering and operation. The system accomplishes this by consolidating a variety of sources. Using the Automation digital twin of the COMOS software solution, automation data can be read out of the process control system and imported to COMOS to be graphically displayed, consolidated, and made available for further engineering. COMOS uses this data to support the creation of the plant’s digital twin, a fast and reliable migration, and updates to the process control system – all with one single solution.

Automation digital twin of COMOS software solution: central processing of automation data.


Optimize plant management, guarantee information flow

COMOS guarantees high process safety and reliability because data consolidation is based on a uniform data platform.

The data is transferred to COMOS seamlessly and consistently. The data is also available and up to date at all times and can be displayed transparently across disciplines. There’s no need for interfaces between disciplines in COMOS: Standardized interfaces are available for connecting third-party systems.

For designers and operators, this means significantly reduced costs, time, and effort for control system migration, and data loss is avoided. As-built, upgrade, and update projects can be reliably implemented at any time. Signal tracking and change management enable smarter operation (PCS 7 users enjoy more benefits with a bidirectional interface).

Wacker’s engineering tool philosophy is characterized by central data maintenance and decentralized usage by our suppliers. Since the introduction of the COMOS integrated engineering solution, this concept has been optimally supported. In addition to enhanced up-to-dateness of the documentation and greater data security, savings in data exchanges and interfaces have become possible. We also identified more saving potential for the future.
Klaus Kraml, Senior Manager, CAx Systems & Applications, Engineering Services, Wacker Chemie AG, Burghausen, Germany

Your benefits at a glance


The digital twin as the foundation of the digital transformation

As an automation engineer or plant operator, you can use COMOS to create a digital twin: the virtual image of a real plant. The digital twin is the essential tool for a successful digital transformation in sectors like the chemical industry.

A digital twin is built by importing automation data from different sources to COMOS. The twin provides even more key benefits for chemical companies – as demonstrated, for example, by intelligent signal tracking for faster fault clearance. If a problem arises during machinery device initialization, the operator can access all the information on the defective signal in COMOS. Repairs are performed quickly and efficiently. The digital twin is available throughout the entire plant lifecycle and is always up to date – which sets the course for the digital future of a successful company.


Automation digital twin in practice

Solutions for creating data value are already being successfully implemented in the chemical industry. Discover sample applications that demonstrate how COMOS can help increase the value of your data in actual practice.

Empower your data’s value – with the Automation digital twin

The integrated COMOS software makes it extremely easy to create an Automation digital twin – the foundation for a successful digital transformation. Want to talk to our experts? Contact us: