COMOS Mobile Worker

The next level of digitalization in the field begins

The COMOS Mobile Worker takes your maintenance management to the next level. All plant information, from a wide range of sources such as ERP, engineering or CMS, is available at all times – via just one mobile solution.

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Requirements for maintenance of process plants

Maintenance and repair teams often face the problem of outdated information. The use of multiple data systems increases the risk of incompatibility. The data they contain must be bundled, incorporated, and perhaps made compatible. Finding field devices within the plant presents challenges to maintenance teams. Accordingly, troubleshooting can take a lot of time, resulting in cost and effort. Maintenance documentation is often still created in paper form. Not only does this make documentation more time-consuming it also creates the risk of errors and document loss.

Consolidating relevant plant information

Typically, time-consuming post-processing processes were previously required, which also represented sources of error.

The COMOS Mobile Worker avoids this. The server solution behind it combines the data from the individual sources. These can be Siemens tools such as control systems or the COMOS CAE system, but also a variety of other third-party systems. The server combines all the information that could be helpful for the employee in the field. This includes plant photos, 3D models of pumps, videos of individual maintenance steps and much more, in addition to the data already listed.

Find sources of problems easily – thanks to augmented reality and navigation function

The augmented reality and navigation function of the COMOS Mobile Worker enables the field worker to easily find field devices and problem sources. On the mobile terminal device, the worker receives the information where the field device is located – and is brought there by the fastest route. At the same time, this ensures that the field worker is at the right source of error and is protected against making mistakes. The faster the source of the error can be eliminated, the faster the plant can get back in operation and continue to run without restrictions.

Bidirectional exchange – from the data source to the COMOS Mobile Worker and back again

A common application is the replacement of a component, such as a pump, based on a detailed workflow plan. Which valve needs to be closed first? Where is the replacement pump that must first be started up? COMOS Mobile Worker specifies these and other work steps; the employee acknowledges each step and at the end signals back that the pump has been replaced. This also keeps the data in the higher-level systems up to date. The bidirectional mode of operation, which ensures that the current status is correctly documented at all times in the integrated systems such as the maintenance management or production system, will also make it easier to prepare for audits, which often saves a lot of time. 

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COMOS – Making data work.

Whether for process design, plant operation or modernization, whether for field operator training or Asset Integrity Management: you can secure end-to-end plant management with the integrated software solution COMOS.

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