Virtual commissioning and operator training with SIMIT

Clever combination: Testing and training of automation projects

Bringing products to the market faster while maintaining the same level of quality requires integrated engineering workflows as well as short changeover and start-up times. The simulation platform SIMIT enables comprehensive tests of automation applications and provides a realistic training environment for operator even before the real startup. This creates opportunities for process optimization and know-how retention which results in reduced commissioning time and significantly shortened time-to-market. Overall this means more efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of manufacturing and process plants.  

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SIMIT Simulation Platform

SIMIT Simulation Platform

Simulation based Engineering from Virtual Commissioning  to Operator Training

SIMIT Virtual Controller

Test and training performed in a completely virtual environment

SIMIT Virtual Controllers can be used to implement test and training systems of any size without using real hardware. Using the virtual controller, no change in the automation program is required. Signals of the virtual controller I/Os are then exchanged over the Virtual Controller coupling with the simulation models.


Hardware platform for real-time simulation via PROFIBUS and PROFINET

The hardware interface SIMIT Unit is completely integrated into the SIMIT portfolio and can be operated via a common user interface. The switch between hardware- and software-in-the-loop can be accomplished with only a few steps. The connection to a real controller is possible via PROFIBUS, PROFINET, PRODAVE and OPC.

SIMIT V10.3 - Optimized interfaces for even more possibilities

Due to the extension of the standard interface including bus synchronization freely selectable simulation tools and any co-simulations can be embedded in SIMIT. This includes products from Siemens as well as those from third party suppliers. The newly designed interface supports the previous standard and thus already coupled simulation models. 


Synchronization of acyclic data during communication between simulation and automation environment provides more choice and flexibility: Through the exchange of parameters or messages, the switchover takes place between Hardware-in-the-Loop and the integrated Virtual Controller or SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced reactionless. These innovations allow even more extensive reuse of existing data for the simulation over the entire system life cycle.

Real-time simulation - a foundation for your digitalization strategy

SIMIT enables comprehensive tests of automation projects as well as the virtual commissioning of systems, machines, and processes on a single platform. In addition, the simulation platform can also be used for realistic training environments to train operating personnel.


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The SIMIT training program from SITRAIN is a winner: every SIMIT course gives you thorough skills to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the entire life cycle of your plant.


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The SIMIT training program from SITRAIN is a winner: In this course you will learn the comprehensive simulation of the machine or plant behavior for the virtual commissioning.

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