Virtual commissioning and operator training with SIMIT

The SIMIT simulation platform enables virtual commissioning and operator training

Simulated, tested – let’s go!

Bringing products to the market faster while maintaining the same level of quality requires integrated engineering workflows as well as short changeover and start-up times for new or altered plant units. The simulation platform SIMIT enables comprehensive tests of automation applications and offers realistic training environments for operators before real systems go into operation. This creates opportunities for process optimization and know-how retention which results in reduced commissioning time and significantly shortened time-to-market. Overall this means more efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of manufacturing and process plants.

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Available now: SIMIT Simulation Platform 11.0

SIMIT V11.0 - now even more powerful, open and flexible!

SIMIT V11.0 makes simulation setup even faster and easier. More efficiency brings the extension of the automatic import e.g. the automated generation of projects on the basis of external data. More flexibility allows the extension of the external coupling to connect 3rd party tools e.g. improved integration of robotics simulation. Completely new is the player functionality, this allows the replay of existing simulation projects in SIMIT.

SIMIT at a glance

SIMIT simulates what SIMATIC automates

With SIMIT, you can comprehensively test automation projects and commission systems, machines, and processes on a platform at a virtual level. The simulation platform can also be used to create realistic training environments for operating personnel.

Real-time simulation – a foundation for your digitalization strategy

With SIMIT, you can perform simulations on a single platform that enable both comprehensive tests of automation projects and the virtual commissioning of systems, machines, and processes. Simulation means more efficiency throughout all stages in the lifecycle of manufacturing and process plants. At the same time, simulation opens up an easy opportunity for process optimization and know-how retention.


Unlike the real world, real-time simulation provides you with a protected space for new test scenarios that can be reset or saved whenever or as often as you want. SIMIT impresses with its flexible and scalable simulation structure and an intuitive user interface. A wide range of communication opportunities between SIMIT and external simulators lets you use existing knowledge for even more realistic simulations.

Commissioning made faster

During virtual commissioning using SIMIT, all automation functions can be reliably tested prior to actual commissioning: All systems, machines, and processes are simulated based on the existing design and engineering data and the SIMIT libraries.


SIMIT makes all the necessary connections available for communication between the simulation and automation environments. For the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) configuration, the automation program is loaded onto the real automation system. You can use the SIMIT Unit to connect your hardware to the simulation platform via PROFINET or PROFIBUS.


But it also works without real hardware components: With the software-in-the-loop (SIL) configuration, the automation program can be loaded into an emulated automation system, the integrated virtual controller, or SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced.

Reduce risk with operator training

System operators also face challenges: The growing complexity of systems and control mechanisms demands a constant willingness to learn. Use SIMIT as a virtual training environment and ensure a range of possible applications for training system operators. That means operator teams can be trained before the system is commissioned – using original operating images and automation programs!


While the system is in operation, all training scenarios are available to be accessed repeatedly. In the virtual environment, training for any situation can be offered under realistic conditions without compromising production or posing any risk to humans, the environment, or the system. At the same time, SIMIT provides the ideal basis for securing and passing on operational expertise.

SIMIT throughout the lifecycle

Endless opportunities throughout the entire system lifecycle

From development of a new product to optimization of the system during live operation: Simulation with SIMIT lets you test and optimize in a virtual environment with no risk before you implement everything for real – and it will all work right away.
Areas of application for SIMIT

Individual support in many different sectors

The SIMIT Simulation Platform serves applications from the process industry, the manufacturing industry, and the hybrid industry.

New diseases call for new treatments and growing competition demands faster, leaner processes in all areas of pharmaceutical businesses. Digitalization of pharmaceutical plant helps shorten market launch times and improve quality still further. SIMIT supports you in the end-to-end digitalization of your entire value chain.


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More efficient processes, improved system availability, flexibility for systems and resources – in the chemical industry, one thing counts above all else: competitiveness throughout the entire system lifecycle. Digitalization, process optimization and modularization can make a decisive contribution to meeting the challenges of the market and successfully steering your production processes into the future.


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The SIMIT Water and Wastewater Library is designed especially for the water and waste water industry, enabling the simulation of specific use cases in combination with other libraries. SIMIT also supports virtual commissioning and training for system operators.


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To satisfy demands on operation and meet production targets in the glass industry, trained employees are crucial in terms of meeting production targets. Use SIMIT as a virtual training environment and ensure a range of possible applications for training system operators. Operator teams can be trained before the system is commissioned – using original operating images and automation programs.


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In the automotive industry, the digital twin is the precise virtual model of a vehicle or production plant. It represents the development process throughout the entire lifecycle, enabling operators to predict behavior, optimize performance, and implement insights from earlier design and production processes.


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Using Simulation for Automation, you can benefit from the advantages of simulation at machine, cell, line, and factory level in equal measure. Based on selected tasks you can discover how to overcome typical challenges using the Digital Enterprise portfolio.


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Learn about SIMIT in practical use and more in-depth information

Learn how our customers put SIMIT to successful use in their systems. In our Infocenter you’ll also find interesting videos, downloads, and news containing further information about the SIMIT Simulation Platform.
SIMIT portfolio

Unique simulation platform for your automation projects

Use SIMIT to create a simulation model of your machine or system and create the foundation for the digital twin, the virtual representation of your technological reality.

To create a digital twin, SIMIT offers you improved ease of use and simplified simulation modeling, and impresses with greater performance, openness, and flexibility. Using SIMIT, all relevant automation functions can be safely and efficiently tested using the original automation programs before the actual commissioning takes place.

Easy coupling between simulation and automation environments

Coupling can be achieved using the real hardware from the automation systems (hardware-in-the-loop) and the integrated virtual controller, or with SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced, in other words without using real hardware (software-in-the-loop).


Thanks to the easy acquisition of existing planning and engineering data from COMOS, for example, or other simulation models, existing knowledge can be efficiently used to build up simulation environments. Integrated project analysis visualizes couplings, diagrams, model parameters, etc. In addition, SIMIT makes numerous libraries of industrial and simulation components available.

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The SIMIT Simulation Platform enables simulation-based engineering from virtual commissioning to operational training

SIMIT Simulation Platform

Simulation-based engineering from virtual commissioning to operational training

Increasing pressure in terms of project delivery times, higher plant profitability, and a shortage of highly qualified employees are three challenges that apply to almost every industry. The use of real-time simulation of automation projects using the SIMIT Simulation Platform has proven very efficient in dealing with these and other challenges.

Die Hardwareschnittstelle SIMIT Unit ist die Hardwareplattform für die Echtzeitsimulation mit PROFINET und PROFIBUS

Coupling with automation technology

Hardware platform for real-time simulation with PROFINET and PROFIBUS

The SIMIT Unit hardware interface is completely integrated into the SIMIT portfolio and can be operated via a common user interface. Switching between hardware-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop can be done in just a few steps. The connection to the real controller can be achieved using PROFIBUS, PROFINET, PRODAVE, and OPC.

Service and support

Service and support for all aspects of simulation

We make it easy for you to launch into the world of the SIMIT Simulation Platform. Our service and support experts will also be there to help you at any time. For further information, you can also draw on a wealth of downloads which we’ve made available.

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