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XHQ is software for operations intelligence, used for aggregating, integrating, analyzing, and visualizing asset and business information from multiple back-end data sources. XHQ brings you simple access to complex data for informed decision-making, anytime and anywhere. It’s easy to get started, easy to expand, and XHQ will work for you all day, every day, in real-time. It’s that simple. It’s XHQ.

Simple access to complex data

XHQ connects to any data source - databases, historians, maintenance, ERP, quality, supply chain, and many others – organizes, contextualizes and visualizes the data.

  • See your digital twin: One-stop environment for all information
  • Real-time updated information: Know the true state of you assets
  • Fast and reliable decision-making: Empowered decisions at your fingertips
  • Improve your Operations: Act faster, learn from your data, enable operations excellence 

What is XHQ? 

Watch a quick video and learn more about this comprehensive, multi-site, leading solution for operations intelligence. 

All the technology you need

Why XHQ?

Right information in the right hands, at the right time, and in the right location


XHQ provides valuable information and analysis of your entire operation, driving business to achieve new benchmarks and improve productivity.

  • Empowered decisions at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere
  • Different data from different sources in one single portal
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization for your valuable assets
  • Increased equipment availability and performance
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs

Complete overview of your assets, at your fingertips

XHQ provides a single portal that brings together all types of information about your assets. Integrate and visualize information from any source and from any type, 1D, 2D and 3D – all updated in real-time.

  • One single portal to manage your assets – Aggregate information from different data sources from various third party systems
  • Digital Reliability and Maintenance – Drill down through all levels of information and quickly find the bad actors starting from an overview
  • Operations excellence - Identify, prioritize, schedule, and perform work based on reliable information and achieve excellence in your operations 

Visibility across your valuable assets and operations 

XHQ is used in the Oil & Gas industry, around the world, for more than 20 years. More than 30% of global refinery facilities are using XHQ to visualize information in real-time.


  • One single platform with all information you need - Aggregate information from any type or source, any third party systems
  • Refinery overview, custom to your preferences - See asset health, quality data, maintenance, finance KPIs and more, with drill-down to the sensor data
  • Fast implementation – Your visualization ready in days rather than months or years
  • Scalable solution – Scale up or down with no changes in your IT and without effecting your existing systems   
  • Near real-time updates – Make better decisions based in information updated in minutes, providing a single source of truth

From overview to detailed view at your fingertips 

XHQ provides a single portal that enables you to have a complete overview for your fleet of assets

  • One-stop environment to all information you need – Aggregate information from any type or source, any third party systems
  • Custom to your preferences – Like a modularized solution, define what you need to see: asset health, quality data, maintenance, finance KPIs and more
  • Actionable information - Drill down through all levels of information. Starting from a fleet overview information, drilling down until the single asset status and highlight the bad actors
  • Visibility across the enterprise – Make better and faster decisions, achieve excellence in your operations

From overview to detailed view at your fingertips 

XHQ for Production Optimization is a solution package to optimize your production with the integration of XHQ and gPROMS Oilfield environment®, a simulation tool from PSE. 

  • Integrates and contextualizes simulation solutions with engineering and operations data
  • Creates your Simulation Digital Twin - aggregates, organizes, visualizes the data and triggers simulation runs. All via a unique portal
  • Enables rapid re-optimization during periods of operational upset or planned maintenance
  • Predicts and optimizes your process achieving optimal production

Immediate analysis at your fingertips

XHQ aggregates, contextualizes and visualizes information, allowing you to understand the true state of the business, process and assets.

By integrating analytics solutions to XHQ, you can easily visualize patterns, compare and forecast your process values across a time horizon.

  • See the future - analytics can do pattern matching and calculations, and present those results back to XHQ 
  • Do your own investigation – “Self-service analytics” enables you to conduct your own investigation. End users on demand can launch the analytics tool to perform deep analysis
  • Get deeper insights from your data – Learn from your data, act faster and achieve new levels of excellence in your productivity 

Effective shift handovers and reporting 

XHQ enables you to:

  • Standardize your way to capture shift reports – Create reports with standard questions, save and historize information, available for all stakeholders
  • Create extendible reports – Build standard report templates, meeting your needs
  • Contextualize information – Add reports information to your XHQ dashboards
  • Bring valuable information to your operations – Consult reports history anytime
  • Improve your operations – Make decisions based on reliable information 

Optimize your batch process

XHQ Batch Analysis can be easily implemented to help you achieve excellence in your product batches

  • Compare batches based on integrated process historian and batch system data
  • Integrates with more than one type of batch systems and process historians
  • Quickly identify bad actors and reasons for bad performance
  • Make decisions based on real-time data
  • Achieve excellence in productivity, batch duration and plant utilization

Visibility across the whole process in a single portal

XHQ for Pharma brings new levels of operational efficiency in an agile environment.

  • Complete overview so you make decisions based on real-time data for overall operations achieving OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)
  • Visualize your production lines with relevant information from different systems to give you visibility across your whole manufacturing process
  • Integrate with your existing systems, such as batch, historians and SIMATIC eBR
  • Quickly identify bad actors and reasons for bad performance
  • Achieve excellence in productivity and efficiency by having visibility across the whole enterprise and capturing opportunities for improvement  

Faster deployment meeting your needs 

XHQ Best Practices Packages are solution packages that can be integrated into existing XHQ solutions to address common business problems.     


You get:

  • Views, tools, and components that plug into any XHQ system
  • High-value, best practice approaches based on decades of project experience
  • Field-proven scalability for multiple business areas
  • Ability to scale from small to even the biggest facilities
  • Complete flexibility to tailor to your unique need

The XHQ Best Practices Packages are:


  • Batch Analysis
  • Energy Management
  • KPI Management
  • Supply Chain Intelligence
  • Quality Management
  • Maintenance Management

Actionable information for Everyone

XHQ adapts its view to deliver the right insights for staff in any level - from director to operator – and for any discipline – business, engineering, operations, maintenance and more.

  • Operations Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Site Manager
  • Engineers
  • Maintenance Operators 
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