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Your new high-end Industrial PCs: SIMATIC IPC 6/8 E series – for top performance and flexibility
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Made for success – two million reasons to celebrate

Our production department reports that the two-millionth SIMATIC Industrial PC has been shipped from the Karlsruhe plant! That calls for celebration.

With two million SIMATIC IPCs delivered, we say THANK YOU to our customers! That’s two million more reasons for us to continue giving our best for you.


A new generation of SIMATIC high-end IPCs for the digital dimension

SIMATIC high-end IPCs always offer you the system performance you need – even for demanding applications. If your needs change, the IPCs can be quickly and flexibly expanded. Thanks to their ingenious industrial design and integrated diagnostic and signaling functions, they are also fault-tolerant and simple to maintain. Of course, the new industrial PCs are also intermountable with their predecessor versions and can be integrated into existing plants without additional effort – both in the control room and at the machine.

Made for excellence – performance for the most demanding tasks

The digitalization of industry is fundamentally changing requirements, processes, and working methods. The pace is increasing. Data volumes are growing at an enormous rate. The complexity, too. The new SIMATIC high-end IPCs are designed for this: with top performance and extremely fast system response. The SIMATIC high-end IPCs incorporate powerful technology to be able to process and save large volumes of data quickly, e.g. on test stations, in demanding visualization tasks or industrial image processing. This includes Intel processors of the 8th generation, fast UHD onboard graphics, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, M.2 NVMe SSD storage medium and 3 x Gigabit Ethernet, and numerous highly modern interfaces. Moreover, the new devices come with the option of a pre-installed Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB or Windows Server 2016 operating system. All components are optimally coordinated for use in data-intensive processes.


E series devices achieve up to 100 percent better performance than their predecessor models, whatever the configuration.

Made for options – flexibility for maximum freedom

The requirements for a suitable industrial PC are as varied as the applications and plant and machine concepts for which they are used. Moreover, the requirement, applications, and concepts can change over time. That is why the new series of SIMATIC high-end IPCs is also designed for maximum flexibility – for high individuality, scalability, and expandability. This is already evidenced in selection of the device type: whether installed in the control room, the control cabinet, or directly at the machine – the new series provides you with the right device for every application. You can choose between a rack, box, and panel PC. They can be individually configured thanks to numerous interfaces and slots, and expanded as required. For example, multi-monitoring with up to six monitors is possible with an additional PCIe graphics board.


Moreover, the new devices with their further developed housing concept are intermountable with their predecessor versions. This enables simple integration into existing machine concepts and use in existing plants without extra effort.

Made for high-end – industrial design for stringent demands

Made for individuality – product variety for every installation location

Industrial compatibility

Made for industry – uncompromisingly reliable

By choosing the SIMATIC high-end IPCs, you opt for top product quality, availability and planning certainty – and that in the most hostile industrial environments. Our industrial PCs are specially developed and manufactured for the stringent demands of industry.

Designed for industry

When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance: starting in the development phase, we focus on the quality design of parts to the selection of components. Production in climate-controlled halls with constant temperature and air humidity, special test procedures, and series-accompanying type tests and trials ensure 100% correct functioning and compliance with all technical specifications. The quality of product packaging is especially high and in compliance with strict shipping guidelines to ensure that the product arrives in perfect condition. We not only comply with the requirements of CE and UL approvals but far exceed them. This is demonstrated by regular inspections of field quality.

In this way, we protect your investments. Because the products also conform to our own Siemens standard SN 36350-1 for environmentally sound product design, we also reduce the environmental impact from production to disposal.

Designed for 24/7 operation

Plants and machines have to run reliably, even under the harshest environmental conditions. With SIMATIC IFPs und SIMATIC ITCs, you’re always on the safe side. Thanks to their rugged industrial design, they’re equipped for reliable 24/7 continuous operation in industrial environments, including in ambient temperatures ranging from –20°C to +50°C. Their high system availability is guaranteed, thanks to their solid housing, dust protection, electromagnetic compatibility, and high resistance to shock and vibrations. Another reason why SIMATIC Industrial Thin Clients are so rugged and maintenance-free is because they have no wearing parts like fans or hard disks.

Designed for long deliverability

With SIMATIC IFP Industrial Monitors and SIMATIC ITC Industrial Thin Clients, you benefit from extreme planning reliability, whether for ongoing operation, expansions, or machine and plant concepts. The device concept for this series guarantees a deliverability of 5 to 6 years after the market launch, as well as repair and spare parts services for an additional 5 to 6 years. This means that you can count on a total long-term availability of up to 11 years.

Tools & downloads

Made for simplicity – useful tools and information

Learn more about SIMATIC Industrial PCs in general and the new high-end series in particular, to equip your production for the digital age. Here, you will find more information, technical data, manuals, and many other important links!

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In case of an emergency, Digital Enterprise Services offer you a wide range of services – by phone and online, anytime and anywhere with online support, technical support, the Siemens Industry Service Card and Managed System Services.

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The Spare Parts Services from Digital Enterprise Services are available worldwide and ensure a smooth and fast delivery of spare parts – and thus optimal system availability.

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Selection and ordering

SIMATIC high-end IPCs – made for digital dimensions

SIMATIC high-end Industrial PCs are an excellent choice for demanding applications in the digital factory and production. Whether SIMATIC IPC647E and SIMATIC IPC847E rack PCs, the SIMATIC IPC627E box PC or SIMATIC IPC677E panel PC – you can configure and order them all in our Industry Mall.

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