SIMATIC Basic IPCs: Ihr Base Camp für digitale Dimensionen

Set off into digital dimensions

Simatic Basic IPCs – robust, at an attractive price, and available from stock
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New generation

Base camp for digital dimensions: SIMATIC Basic IPCs

The Basic series is an easy introduction to the world of SIMATIC industrial PCs and industrial digitalization. If you’re looking for a straightforward solution for price-sensitive industrial applications, you can’t go wrong with the new generation of attractive SIMATIC Basic IPCs.

These basics are essential in every industry

When deployed in industrial and industry-related environments, conventional office PCs soon reach their limits when it comes to dealing with dust, increased temperatures, vibration, impact, EMC requirements, and 24/7 continuous operation. That’s where SIMATIC Basic IPCs deliver the perfect solution for many standard applications. Not only do they easily meet the stricter requirements, they also provide the latest PC technology at an attractive price and are quickly available from stock. They offer you a strong, solid foundation for successfully exploring digital dimensions and meeting challenges like visualization and SCADA tasks, data acquisition and management, and measurement and testing tasks – quickly and easily and without lots of effort.

Three good reasons to choose SIMATIC Basic IPCs

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Basics in a high-quality device design

The sophisticated industrial design of SIMATIC Basic IPCs not only guarantees extreme robustness, durability, and comprehensive connection options, it also looks good. View the devices from all angles and you’ll see for yourself:
Use Cases

Basics for industrial use

Whether it’s for discrete manufacturing, process automation, logistics, or laboratory automation, SIMATIC Basic IPCs are the perfect choice for many application areas and digital tasks in industrial and industry-related environments. Explore the use cases where the Basic versions of our Industrial PCs provide superior services thanks to their high performance in 24-hour continuous operation.

Smart digital assembly workstation and test stand

The robust and durable SIMATIC Basic IPCs are suitable, for example, for equipping smart industrial workstations where products made from a few individual parts are assembled or screwed together either manually or semi-automatically and are then inspected and documented as part of quality control.

Your benefits:

  • One system for guidance, verification, testing, confirmation, and documentation
  • All the necessary components and tools can be connected directly without hardware thanks to the variety of available interfaces
  • Much greater reliability and a longer lifecycle compared with the office PCs previously used thanks to the fan-less design and robustness of the SIMATIC Panel IPCs Basic

Order picking of materials, parts, and products

Whether it’s work materials for maintenance jobs, individual parts for a processing step, or products for complete deliveries, SIMATIC Basic IPCs make it easy to digitalize order picking. Orders can be displayed and checked off on a monitor that’s connected to a Basic IPC for data processing. The IPC forwards the data to a central server for inventory and makes it possible to trigger a printer to output the parts list that will be attached to the finished picking unit.

Your benefits

  • One system for guidance, confirmation, printing, documentation, and checking inventory
  • All the necessary components can be connected directly thanks to the variety of available interfaces: monitor via display port, printer via USB port, and server for inventory via mPCI WLAN card

Car wash

To digitalize a car wash, a SIMATIC Basic IPC can be seamlessly connected to the automatic machine that executes the wash program – whether this involves output of a receipt with a QR code or input and temporary storage of vehicle license plates. After the QR code is scanned or the license plate captured by the camera, the wash program is activated by the IPC. The completed program can also be displayed on a second monitor at the exit.

Your benefits

  • One system for program selection, coordination, code scanning, program display, and license plate capture, storage, and deletion
  • All the necessary components can be connected directly thanks to the variety of available interfaces: database server via Ethernet/LAN, scanner and camera system via USB port, second monitor via Ethernet/LAN.

Entrance gate with sign-in data

When automatic sign-in systems with a SIMATIC Basic IPC are used instead of labor-intensive monitoring by staff, members or customers experience much shorter wait times at entrances. If membership cards are used to access facilities, in addition to a card scanner at the turnstile, a second scanner can be installed for 3G/2G verification and connected to a SIMATIC Basic IPC for data synchronization and release of the turnstile.

Your benefits

  • One system for identification, verification, data synchronization, and granting access
  • All the necessary components can be connected directly thanks to the variety of available interfaces: database server via Ethernet/LAN and barcode readers via USB ports

Self-service check-in terminals at the airport

At a self-serve check-in terminal, passengers can enter their data in a SIMATIC Basic Panel PC. This data is then compared to a database of actual flights booked. A conveyor belt transports baggage to the scale for weighing and then returns it to the passenger. If a bag’s weight is within the maximum limit, the printer outputs a baggage label that’s attached to the bag. The labeled bag is then automatically transported to the right baggage storage area via a conveyor belt. If the maximum weight is exceeded, the bag must be re-weighed. Once check-in is successfully completed, the passenger’s boarding pass is printed out.

Your benefits

  • One system for data entry, comparison, storage, weight verification, and printing baggage labels and boarding passes
  • All the necessary components can be connected directly thanks to the variety of available interfaces: database server and baggage scale via Ethernet/LAN and printer via USB port
Product details

Basic technical details

SIMATIC Basic IPCs provide a solid foundation for industrial digitalization, not just thanks to their robustness, their attractive price/performance ratio, and their availability from stock but also because of their specific technical features. Discover what the latest generation can offer you.
SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panels Basic

SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panels Basic: Industrial monitors for remote operation

Discover the SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panels Basic for easily implementing remote operating and display stations with BIOS access and real-time visualization. These economical SIMATIC IFP Basic devices for harsh industrial environments are available in four display sizes.

Teaser Cybersecurity for Industry
Cybersecurity for Industry

Security information

In order to protect plants, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art industrial security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions only form one element of such a concept. For more information about industrial security, please visit.

Selection and ordering

Which SIMATIC Basic IPC is right for you?

Reasonably priced and available from stock, the robust SIMATIC Basic IPCs are an excellent foundation for the industrial digitalization of standard applications in discrete manufacturing, process automation, logistics, and more. Whether you choose Rack IPCs, Box IPCs, or Panel IPCs, you can easily select, configure, and order all SIMATIC Basic IPCs online from our Industry Mall.

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