Manifold automation within a very small space

The SIMATIC Box PC series is at home in all industrial branches: From the absolutely maintenance-free SIMATIC IPC127E for standard mounting rail through to the SIMATIC IPC627E Box PC with easy expandability and maximum performance. The Box PC is suitable for measuring, controlling, regulating and verifying process and machine data, for industrial image processing or for decentralized visualization in combination with SIMATIC Flat Panels.


Designed for industry

With our SIMATIC IPCs, you can count on the highest quality. We designed these devices for reliable continuous operation in an industrial environment. To meet our quality standards from the development process to the product itself, we manufacture the mainboards for increased industrial requirements in state-of-the-art plants in Germany.

When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance: starting in the development phase, we focus on the quality design of parts to the selection of components. Production in climate-controlled halls with constant temperature and air humidity, special test procedures, and series-accompanying type tests and trials ensure 100% correct functioning and compliance with all technical specifications. The quality of product packaging is especially high and in compliance with strict shipping guidelines to ensure that the product arrives in perfect condition. We not only comply with the requirements of CE and UL approvals but far exceed them. This is demonstrated by regular inspections of field quality.

In this way, we protect your investments. Because the products also conform to our own Siemens standard SN 36350-1 for environmentally sound product design, we also reduce the environmental impact from production to disposal.


Made for AI-based applications in industry

More and more applications in industrial environments rely on fast and production-oriented processing of data and resulting actions powered by artificial intelligence. Based on Nvidia Xavier Nx technology, SIMATIC IPC520A TENSORBOX represents a new platform developed for this requirement.
The powerful CPU with Nvidia technology enables high-performance processing of neural networks in combination with high reliability for industry in SIMATIC quality.

Highest performance and speed for fast processing of data from machines and intelligent decisions based on this data make SIMATIC IPC520A TENSORBOX the ideal platform for AI-based applications in all industries!

Product range

The SIMATIC Box IPC portfolio at a glance

SIMATIC IPC127E – Embedded IPC

Ultra-compact, flexible, robust IPC and IoT gateway rolled into one.

Thanks to the ultra-compact enclosure, which has a volume of just 0.3 liters, the SIMATIC IPC127E can be easily – even subsequently – integrated into the control cabinet or directly on the machine with minimal space requirements.

The enclosed all-metal enclosure enables the new industrial PC to be used flexibly and maintenance-free even under harsh conditions. Thus the SIMATIC IPC127E makes it possible to reliably record/ collect/ process/ transfer data directly in the production environment and can be flexibly used as an IoT gateway between the cloud or the corporate IT level and production. Thanks to pre-configured versions, the right product is available to users in a very short time.

SIMATIC IPC227G – Nanobox Embedded IPC

The particularly compact maintenance-free SIMATIC IPC227G Nanobox PC provides the highest industry functionality for flexible deployment in harsh conditions at high temperatures up to 55 °C.

The Nanobox PC SIMATIC IPC227G is an extremely compact and flexible embedded industry PC. With its sealed metal enclosure, the IPC227G provides the highest industry functionality for flexible deployment in harsh conditions – and all this maintenance-free.

Modern interfaces and the possibility for expansion via a PCIe slot allows this Box PC to be easily integrated into the automation system. The power-saving Intel dual and quad core processors provide the best performance in an ultra-compact design.

SIMATIC IPC227G at a glance
  • Small footprint and mounting flexibility
    - Maximum compactness with approx. 1 liter enclosure volume or more with integrated industrial power supply for minimum space requirements in the control cabinet
    - High flexibility with three mounting options, flexible mounting positions and interfaces on one side suitable for every installation situation
  • Rugged design for maintenance-free, continuous operation
    - Maximum industrial functionality due to sealed enclosure for optimum dust protection and high electromagnetic compatibility
    - Backup of important system data with non-volatile retentive memory (NVRAM, optional)
    - Designed for 24/7 continuous operation at up to 55°C ambient temperature and high vibration/shock requirements
    - Maintenance-free operation – no fan, no moving parts
    - Battery-free operation possible (with time-of-day synchronization over network)
  • Optimized performance and the latest interfaces
    - High-performance and energy-efficient dual-core and quad-core Intel Celeron processors
    - A variety of interfaces and configuration options (4 x USB 3.1, 3 x Gbit Ethernet, RS232/RS485/RS422, M.2 Solid-State-Drive (SSD))
    - Optimized for headless operation with LED for efficient self-diagnostics
    - Easy expansion with two M.2 slots
  • Optimized for AI applications
    - Through expandability using AI accelerators as M.2 modules, optimization of workload balancing
  • High investment security for reducing engineering costs
    - Long-term availability: Service & support period up to 11 years
    - Ideal platform for SIMATIC software controller (in preparation) and/or WinCC RT
    - Easy integration into automation solutions using the TIA Portal and onboard PROFINET interfaces
  • Versatile deployment
    - Control, visualization and communication tasks, for example, in mechanical engineering, transportation systems or power transmission
    - Acquisition of data, further processing, and visualization as data gateway or for data monitoring
    - Machine-level applications that require additional C/C++ programs
    - Additional applications, for example, shipbuilding, building automation, warehousing & logistics
    - SIMATIC IPC227G can be operated both in the industrial sector as well as in residential, business and commercial environments
    - For interference applications in the area of artificial intelligence, e.g.: Optical quality inspection


Implement diverse industrial applications economically: the SIMATIC IPC 327G for simple entry into the world of SIMATIC Industrial PCs.

The SIMATIC IPC327G Box PC provides a preconfigured, turnkey and complete solution for all industrial applications. Effective immediately, different variants (without operating system / with preinstalled Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC) are available from stock and will enable fast and simple introduction into the world of SIMATIC Industrial PCs – also into existing machines and plant concepts. It is especially well suited for acquisition and networking of production and energy data in the production environment as well as in industry-related environments, such as assembly workstations, warehouses and logistics systems, or for standard applications in the image processing field.

SIMATIC IPC327G at a glance
  • Powerful and future-proof thanks to latest PC technology
    - Latest Intel Atom Quad-Core Prozessor (X6413E, 1.5 GHz)
    - Expandable up to 16 GB RAM
    - 2 x Gigabit-Ethernet
    - USB 3.0
    - 2 x M.2 slots with up to 512 GB Solid-State-Drive (SSD)
    - Device design without fan
  • Standards for easy integration into existing systems
    - 2 x DisplayPort
    - 2 x Serial Ports (expandable up to 4)
    - 4 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0 (internal)
  • Industry-standard mounting options
    - Tool-free mounting on standard rail, wall mounting with ports at top or bottom, portrait mounting with extremely small footprint
  • Reliable in industrial environments thanks to SIMATIC quality
    - Designed for 24/7 operation
    - Run in Test
    - Certificates for worldwide use
  • Available from stock
    - Availability up to 3 years
    - Another 3 years of repair and spare parts service


The compact Microbox PC with powerful 11th generation Intel Core-i processors offers maximum performance for complex and demanding control, data collection, or communication tasks.

The fan-free embedded Microbox PC SIMATIC IPC BX-39A provides machine, plant, and control cabinet builders with a compact PC platform for use at the machine or process level. The scope of application ranges from complex control tasks (including in high-level languages) and visualization solutions to production-level data acquisition and analysis.

Thanks to its low mounting depth and different mounting possibilities, it can be installed in a variety of conditions, including tight installation spaces. All interfaces on one side -> simple wiring + expansion – easy integration in existing plants.

SIMATIC IPC BX-39A at a glance
  • Fast data processing for high productivity
    - Top performance in the embedded segment with 11th generation Intel Core-i processors
    - Scalable with 4 different processors – from Intel Celeron to Intel Xeon
    - Latest memory technology with ECC and DDR4 up to 32 GB
    - AI applications with Google Coral accelerator
  • Flexible mounting for use at the machine level
    - Low mounting depth for space-optimized installation
    - Flexible installation and mounting options (rail, wall, and portrait mounting)
    - Rugged enclosure concept for use in ambient temperatures up to 55 °C
  • Industrial functionality and flexibility for implementing embedded solutions
    - 2 x externally accessible SSDs in M.2 size; from 256 GB
    - 4 x LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps connections; teaming-capable
    - Onboard PROFINET interface (optional)
    - 4 x high-speed USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports; 2 serial interfaces
    - 2 x M.2 module slot for additional fieldbuses, radio communication or AI accelerator
    - Simple expansion capability (up to 2 PCIe slots)
    - On/off switch
  • High system availability in order to reduce the risk of potential failures and maintenance costs
    - Maintenance-free because of no rotating parts (fans, hard disks) and operation without battery possible
    - 512 KB NVRAM for SIMATIC Software Controller in order to back up critical data
    - Front LED for efficient self-diagnostics and headless operation
    - System-tested SIMATIC software
  • High investment security in order to reduce engineering costs
    - Long-term availability: Service and support period of 8 to 10 years after market launch
    - Compatibility with regard to installation and interfaces


Based on Nvidia Xavier Nx technology, the SIMATIC IPC520A Box PC represents a new IPC platform that has been specially developed for AI-based applications in industry and industrial environments.

The box is characterized above all by the high CPU and GPU computing power in combination with an extremely compact, fanless design for industry. Adapted especially for industrial applications, it features a large number of interfaces.

Nvidia's extensive range of software enables numerous AI-based applications.

SIMATIC IPC520A at a glance
  • High-performance processing of neural networks (AI) using Nvidia technology
    - 6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM®v8.2 64-bit CPU (1.43 GHz)
    - NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX GPU (384 GPU cores)
    - 8 GB of work memory
    - 16 GB of mass storage (eMMC)
    - This ensures full support of Nvidia CUDA or Jetpack
  • Wide range of connection options enables use in industrial environments
    - 4 x Gbit Ethernet (2 x PoE)
    - 4 x USB - of which 3 x USB 3.0
    - 1 x microSD card slot
    - 1 x SIM card slot
    - 1 x COM (RS232/485)
    - 1 x DisplayPort
    - 4 x digital input and 2 x digital output (24 V)
    - 2 x mPCIe (internal)
  • Proven reliability thanks to "Made for Industry" & SIMATIC quality
    - Fanless, closed industrial design (IP20)
    - LEDs for efficient self-diagnostics; optimized for headless operation
    - Run-in tested for fast, smooth commissioning
    - Certificates for worldwide use (available soon)
    - Flexible mounting (DIN rail, wall-mounting bracket)
  • Economic solutions and fast availability
    - Ideal platform for demanding AI applications in the industrial environment
    - Available straight from stock
  • Versatile deployment
    The IPC520A is optimized for AI-based applications in all industries, such as factory automation, but also logistics.
    Preferred areas of application are AI oriented, based on the extremely extensive Nvidia software offering:
    - Vision inspection (image-controlled automated quality control)
    - Predictive maintenance (preventive maintenance)
    - AMR (autonomous moving robot) autonomous vehicles


Industrial PC for cost-optimized applications in the industrial environment.

The new member of the Simatic Industrial PC family expands the basic IPC portfolio and is designed for cost-optimized applications in the industrial environment. The new Simatic IPC527G industrial PC has a compact design to save installation space. It is equipped with 6th generation Intel Core Desktop CPUs, a work memory with up to 32 gigabytes, and HDD or SSD mass storage.

The Simatic IPC527G is optionally equipped with either a powerful Intel Core i5 or Intel Pentium processor and has a wide range of interfaces and expansion possibilities – up to four PCI/PCIe slots, up to four COM, up to six USB, up to three Intel Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, one display port, and a VGA connector.

The Simatic IPC527G Box PC from the Simatic Industrial PC portfolio is characterized by high performance and flexibility. It is quickly available and offers through the pre-installation of Windows 7 and Windows 10 as well as legacy interfaces like: PCI, VGA, serial ports, internal USB connector a high degree of investment protection by its support of existing systems.

The new device offers a range of installation options – portrait, wall and desktop mounting. It is "run-in" tested for quick commissioning and certified for global use.


The SIMATIC IPC627E Box PC is particularly suitable for applications at ambient temperatures of up to 55 °C and provides high resistance to shocks and vibration. Despite its highly compact design, it can nevertheless be flexibly scaled and expanded.

The SIMATIC IPC627E Box-PC is a very compact and powerful Industrial PC with an innovative Intel processor architecture of the 8th generation (Core i7, Core i3 and Celeron) in a newly developed industrial design. It is suitable for sophisticated measurement, control and regulating tasks in ambient temperatures up to 55 °C as well as high shock and vibration resistance requirements.

In addition, the advanced housing design of the SIMATIC IPC627E is compatible for mounting with its predecessors. This means that it can also be used in existing systems without additional expense.
It is also available as a SIMATC IPC677E Panel-PC in 19", 22" and 24" capacitive full HD multi-touch display for centralized operator control and monitoring.

SIMATIC IPC627E at a glance
  • Latest technology and maximum performance
    - Highest degree of performance with 8th generation Intel Core-i and Celeron processors
    - Up to 64 GB DDR4 work memory
    - Wide range of modern interfaces such as PCI Express and USB 3.1
    - High data transfer rates and redundancy via two teaming capable Gigabit Ethernet connections 
  • Impressive service friendliness
    - New, the user-friendly enclosure concept provides easy access to components
    - Front LEDs and diagnostics software for preventive maintenance and fast troubleshooting
    - Quick replacement of the CMOS battery even while mounted via an externally accessible battery compartment
    - An internal USB interface for access-protected data storage and secure transfer of recipes and configuration data
    - Wake on LAN functionality for targeted start-up of IPCs from a central location via network, for example after production-free weekends
  • High system and data security
    - Rugged industrial design for reliable 24/7 continuous operation at harsh ambient temperatures of up to 55 °C
    - Optional RAID 1 configuration for highest data availability – with hot swap SSDs (min. 480 GB)
  • Multi-monitoring and flexibility
    - Up to 3 connectable monitors provide maximum convenience and a better overview, e.g. for SCADA applications
    - High flexibility and expandability thanks to integrated interfaces and up to 5 slots (PCI and PCI Express)
    - Easy connection to existing systems through a large number of modern interfaces
  • Industrial functionality at an attractive price
    - Individual configuration
    - Comprehensive diagnostics software, SIMATIC IPC DiagBase/DiagMonitor, for preventive maintenance strategies, as well as SIMATIC IPC RemoteManager (supported by Intel iAMT) for secure remote access
    - Windows operating systems optionally pre-installed and activated – Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB 64-bit
  • Flexible implementation
    - Many installation options (front, wall, or vertical mounting)
    - High service friendliness due to all interfaces always being accessible from one side
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