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SITOP power supplies: The heart of automation®

SITOP – The heart of automation® – for 24 V and other output voltages is well known throughout the world for its extreme reliability. With its versatile DC UPS and add-on modules, it easily handles even the most critical network conditions on the mains and DC side. Integration in Totally Integrated Automation and in the TIA Portal enables simple engineering and extensive diagnostics.

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Industrial power supply: Our portfolio at a glance

SITOP advanced switch mode power supplies

Advanced power supplies

SITOP switched-mode devices in the Advanced performance class

The SITOP Advanced power supplies are the best choice for maximum reliability and functionality, as required in the process and automotive industries, in specialty machine manufacturing, or in harsh environments. The SITOP PSU8200 product line meets the strict requirements, thanks for example to its overload behavior, efficiency, and compact design. SITOP PSU8600 also provides a power supply system with open communication for the best possible integration in the digitalization world.

SITOP standard power supplies

Standard power supplies

SITOP switched-mode devices in the Standard performance class

The SITOP Standard power supply portfolio was designed for typical industrial requirements, such as in machine mass production. The new SITOP PSU6200 all-around power supply was developed based on our experience with the tried-and-tested SITOP smart product line. This new SITOP Standard device is even more efficient, more robust, and offers comprehensive diagnostic tools.

SITOP basic switch mode power supplies

Basic power supplies

SITOP switched-mode devices in the Basic performance class

From flat power supplies for installation distribution boards to economical basic power supplies to slim power supply units for control boxes: with its
Basic power supply portfolio, SITOP meets every possible requirement even in the lower performance range. LOGO!Power offers mini power packs designed just like the LOGO!8 modules. SITOP lite meets the most important requirements for reliable primary switching controllers at an affordable price.

SIMATIC-design switch mode power supplies

SIMATIC design power supplies

Power supplies in SIMATIC design

SITOP power supplies in SIMATIC design are fully integrated into the PLC network in terms of design and functionality and reliably supply 24 volts to numerous SIMATIC systems and other consumers.

SITOP switch mode power supplies in special designs

Specially designed power supplies

SITOP in special designs and applications

The wide range of SITOP power supplies in special designs and optimized for special requirements provide switched-mode devices for many applications, from hard-to-access spaces and complicated deployment areas to special installation types and functionalities.

SITOP DC/DC converters

DC/DC converters

DC/DC converters for stable power supply

SITOP DC/DC converters ensure stable control in battery-operated vehicles, as a “refreshers” on lone lines, in power plants, and in converter DC links of wind turbines and machine tools.

SITOP DC UPS modules

Uninterruptible power supplies

SITOP DC UPS modules for uninterruptible power supply

Any power failure can bring the plant to a standstill and cost a lot of time and money. The SITOP DC UPS systems, with their different types of energy stores and communication interfaces, provide solutions for all requirements relating to buffer time and plant integration.

SITOP add-on modules

Add-on modules

Add-on modules for protecting the power supply

Mission-critical processes and plants generally require additional protective measures. The SITOP add-on modules individually protect production lines and processes against different types of hazards, from power supply unit failure and overloads in the 24 V circuit to power failure on the input side or high inrush currents.

Your power supply portfolio for every application

The comprehensive SITOP industrial power supply portfolio offers controlled 24 V DC power supplies for a wide range of applications and requirements, while SITOP DC UPS and add-on modules extend power supply protection to the DC side in the event of power failures.

Application note for redundant design, power and voltage increase of the power supply.

How do you secure the 24 V supply from supply chain failures? What configuration do you use to increase the power or voltage of the power supply?

You will find all information in our Application note.

Bring production to life with a SITOP power supply system

Regardless of the industry or the requirement, efficient and reliable power supply is the basic requirement for operating any plant. There are good reasons for using the extensively proven SITOP devices, DC uninterruptible power supply solutions, and add-on modules.

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SITOP – The heart of automation®

SITOP is a complete, perfectly coordinated portfolio offering you a reliable power supply that will meet today’s increasing demands. And we are continuing to refine our SITOP power supply units to make sure it continues to do so. Stay up to date.