Demo Software SITOP PSU6200/SEL1200

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SITOP Demo Software

The Demo Software SITOP PSU6200/SEL1200

The Demo Software SITOP PSU6200/SEL1200 is the virtual representation of a real demonstration case.

You can demonstrate the function and diagnostic possibilities of the power supply SITOP PSU6200 and the selectivity module SITOP SEL1200 in interaction with a SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC and a SIMATIC HMI TP700 Comfort panel during critical conditions in the DC 24 V control circuit.

Compared to the electronic selectivity module, the simulation also shows the behavior of conventional

circuit breakers under the critical conditions of "high inrush current, overload and short circuit" in a 24 V feeder.


The Demo Software is in html5 format and can be run on all common browsers.

For this purpose, please unpack the zip file on your local computer or smart device and open the file "index.html". 


For the operation and presentation of the Demo Software 5 video sequences are available in German and English.


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