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Expert tips and tutorials on SITOP power supplies. Take advantage of our manufacturer expertise with 24 V switched-mode power supply units from Siemens
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SITOPtech – what is this about?

Technical explanations and tips from the expert

SITOPtech is the channel for technical SITOP videos. From unboxings and product presentations to hands-on tips – we will explain the interesting highlights of the SITOP product family in a short and comprehensible way.


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Our SITOPtech expert explains the first steps in SITOP Manager

You have chosen the SITOP Manager as a tool for configuring and diagnosing SITOP power supplies? Congratulations – this is a simple and convenient way to bring automation into your system. Here, the first steps in using the software are explained briefly and simply.

The user interface of the SITOP Manager explained by our SITOPtech expert

The SITOP Manager offers various setting options for online engineering SITOP devices. You can find out what can be set in the three main registers here. Did you also know that thanks to a web browser-based user interface, the software also runs on mobile devices and automatically adjusts to the size of the display?

Unboxing SITOP power supplies with our SITOPtech expert

This is where our uninterruptible power supply SITOP UPS1600 and its battery modules SITOP UPS1100 come to the table: What information is printed on the packaging and labels? What's in the boxes? And where is what on each housing? We'll unpack and explain the labeling on the packaging and the devices.

Unboxing the SITOP DC/DC converter with our SITOPtech expert

Unboxing a package is always exciting. This is also true for our SITOP devices. What exactly is in the box? What do the symbols on the label mean? And where is what on each housing? We'll unpack and explain the labeling on the packaging and the devices.

Tutorials: Making the most of SITOP

Tutorial videos about SITOP power supplies with OPC UA

Our SITOP PSU8600 and SITOP UPS1600 power supply systems can also communicate using the OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) cross-platform standard. It isn’t just PROFINET users who benefit from the numerous technical advantages of communication-capable SITOP power supplies. The OPC UA data module also gives users access to all parameterization functions and diagnostics and operating information of PSU8600 and UPS1600.

Tutorial videos about the SITOP PSE200U selectivity module

Industrial automation technology requires a constant, reliable supply of a 24 V control voltage. In the event of a short-circuit or temporary overload, however, switched-mode power supply units shut off or at least limit the output current. Consequently, all the consumers in the control circuit are underpowered, resulting in plant outage and production downtime.

With the SITOP PSE200U selectivity module, you can easily and effectively prevent this. The module distributes the load current across several 24 V load circuits and monitors them reliably for overload and short-circuit conditions. Find out how you can benefit from electronic monitoring.

Tutorial videos about SITOP in the TIA Selection Tool

Every automation project requires a power supply. The correct design of the power supply ensures both energy efficiency and optimal performance. With the TIA Selection Tool, you can easily choose, configure, and order SITOP power supply units. The 24 V consumer view in the TIA Selection Tool is especially helpful. Here you can view all the automation products with 24 V infeed that have already been selected and connect them to one or more SITOP power supplies using drag-and-drop. Try it out!

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