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We’re the heart of automation!

Around the world, SITOP is the heart of automation. All of us – the global SITOP team – are keeping this heart beating. It’s because of us that SITOP is a market leader. Naturally, we want to keep it that way in the future. In line with the slogan “We make the heart beat,” we want to show that for us, SITOP is a matter of the heart. Join our photo campaign so that we can show our solidarity as a team and our support for SITOP! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about important topics of tomorrow with our SITOPics. Whether they’re about quality, teamwork, culture, or customer orientation, SITOPics help us all to solidify our top position every day. This page provides a first look.
You – the global SITOP team – are the heartbeat of SITOP. I believe that we have what it takes retain our market lead, and I look forward to embarking on a successful future with this team.
Stefan Petsch, Head of SITOP Power Supply
SITOPics is a fresh, compelling campaign initiated and driven by our employees, who are at the heart of our organization. Recognizing the spirit of the SITOP family in the campaign makes my heart beat faster!
Tobias Bronsert, Head of Finance SITOP Power Supply
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SITOP – We make the heart beat

We're responsible for SITOP's success. Our SITOP video shows how we continue to set the pace!
Show your heart

It depends on you!

The more people who participate in our SITOP photo campaign, the more our global team spirit will be felt. Be sure to contribute!
Act from your heart – it all depends on you!

We’re all devoted to SITOP, and we want to show it! Our ambitious goal is to build the SITOP logo using our photos. Here you’ll learn just how easy it is to join in!
Campaign ending on the 15th of July!


It’s as simple as:

1.    Take out your cellphone or digital camera.

2.    Find a wall that’s as neutral and bright as possible, preferably at around noon.

3.    Make sure your camera isn’t aimed at a light source (such as a window). Your face should be well-lit with natural light.

4.    Make the well-known “heart gesture” and smile your brightest smile!

5.    Take a picture of yourself using a self-timer or have someone in your household take it for you.

6.    Type “SITOP heartbeat” in the subject line and send your photo with your name and location to:

7.    Important! Copy the following sentence into your e-mail: I understand that my photo and name will be published
       as part of the “We make the heart beat” in-house campaign.
       The marketing team is not permitted to share my photo except in in-house media.


Our topics of tomorrow

At SITOP, we've identified four key areas where it's important to evolve our strengths and keep ourselves fit for the future. These four topics are our SITOPics. Here's what they're about.


#SITOP4U is a way to secure and expand our market leadership. Based on our strong position, we want to achieve an even better understanding of our customers’ future requirements and further enhance our portfolio with the right innovations.


With #build4SITOP, we’re improving the quality and productivity of our factories. Top quality is in our DNA and we want to develop it even further, relying on our innovative production system as well digitalization and automation as cornerstones of productivity.


SITOPic #we4SITOP is all about our collaboration as an agile team, our ability to attract job applicants who will further strengthen our team, and our experience working as a SITOP family – which is so important today.


#passion4SITOP is about culture and personal responsibility. It’s extremely important for our future that we have the courage necessary to act independently, work together to improve ourselves, and take responsibility.


Any open questions about our campaign? Get the answers.