SITOP PSU8600 – the unique power supply system with PROFINET

SITOP PSU8600 is the first power supply system with a complete integration in Totally Integrated Automation. This not only pays off in engineering in the TIA Portal or in manufacturer-independent communication systems, but also in operation. For example, voltage and current can be individually adjusted for each output, and the integrated overload protection enables each output to be monitored. Other modules from the system toolbox can be added to suit requirements with no wiring overhead, for example to buffer power failures. Comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance information is available via PROFINET. SITOP provides the best possible support for power management for plants or machines, from recording power data from individual outputs to switching outputs on and off via PROFIenergy. In this way, the SITOP PSU8600 is setting new standards in plant reliability and efficiency.

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SITOP PSU8600 base units (1- and 3-phase)

SITOP PSU8600 base units

Great performance in a very small space

The high efficiency up to 94% of the basic devices ensures minimum heat loss, which makes very compact designs possible. Up to four outputs monitored for overloads also help save space for circuit-breaking devices. Integrated Ethernet/PROFINET communication opens up new opportunities for diagnostics and the range of applications for your power supply. 

  • 1-phase power supply, nominal output current 20 A and 3-phase power supply, nominal output current 20 A or 40 A at 24 V DC 
  • One or four outputs monitored for overload, individually adjustable from 4 V to 28 V
  • Integrated Ethernet/PROFINET interface with two ports
  • Easy configuration in the TIA Portal
  • Extensive diagnostic information and adjustment options with the system in operation
  • Extremely narrow installation 

SITOP CNX8600 expansion modules

SITOP CNX8600 expansion modules 

More outputs for more flexibility

The expansion modules can be used to expand the base units with up to 32 additional, selectively monitored outputs. The connection takes place on top of the modules without any wiring by means of the System Clip Link, a connecting plug for system data and power supply.

  • Base unit capable of being combined with up to two buffer modules to suit requirements
  • Easy to connect using the System Clip Link, a connector for system data and power supply
  • Output voltage: 24 V DC (setting range 4 V to 28 V per output)
  • Max. four expansion modules per base unit le: 4 x 5 A, 4 x 10 A, 8 x 2,5 A, also in optional combination 
  • Narrow installation width: 60 mm for 4 output expansion modules and 100 mm for 8 output expansion modules 

SITOP BUF8600 buffer modules

SITOP BUF8600 buffer modules

Bridging brief and longer power failures

Buffer modules with electrolytic capacitors, providing buffering for up to 600 ms at a load current of 40 A, can be used to protect against brief power dips on the line side (brownouts). The versions with double-layer capacitors (UltraCaps) buffer against longer outages up to 20 s at 40 A. Because the buffer time is longer for lower buffer currents, this enables industrial PCs to be shut down manually as required. 

  • Base unit capable of being combined with up to two buffer modules to suit requirements
  • Easy to connect using the System Clip Link, a connector for system data and power supply
  • Installed widths: 60/125 mm
UPS8600 uninterruptible power supply for buffering during a power failure 6EP4197-8AB00-0XY0

UPS module SITOP UPS8600 with battery module BAT8600

UPS8600 uninterruptible power supply

Bridging longer power failures lasting from minutes to hours with full system power

An uninterruptible power supply with appropriate battery modules can be used to protect against longer power dips on the line side and thus to bridge power failures lasting from minutes to hours. These expansion modules make it possible to shut the plant down safely and selectively in the event of a power failure. For most power interruptions, the bridging time is sufficient to allow the plant to continue operating without disruption.

  • UPS8600 module for charge/discharge control with up to five BAT8600 battery modules of the same construction
  • Simple connection of UPS8600 via the System Clip Link, a connector for system data and power supply
  • Smart battery management for optimal battery service life
  • Battery modules BAT8600 with maintenance-free lead-acid or lithium iron phosphate batteries

Integrated power supply and system

Complex facilities place high demands on the efficiency, flexibility, and reliability of their components. The innovative SITOP PSU8600 power supply system satisfies them all – thanks to its unique functionality, diagnostic capability, full integration in TIA, open communication networks, and modular expandibility.

Easy to integrate – easy to use

If only everything were this simple: SITOP PSU8600 can be fully integrated in networked automation applications and the TIA Portal. Engineering in the TIA Portal is very user-friendly, thanks in part to prefabricated SIMATIK-S7 function blocks for data analysis and free WinCC faceplates for operation and monitoring. The Ethernet/PROFINET interface makes integration in networked machines and systems easy. And SITOP PSU8600 uses the OPC UA interface to also communicate with systems from other manufacturers. The user-friendly SITOP Manager can be used for configuration as well as the associated operation and monitoring. The integrated Web server enables remote access.

Powerful and functional – many options

Well-designed down to the smallest detail: With the 1- and 3-phase SITOP PSU8600, you can configure, commission, and operate machines and systems even faster and more cost effectively. Why? The base units feature an efficiency rate of up to 94 percent and a space-saving design; plus the outputs can be selectively monitored and flexibly set between 4V and 28 V, even during operation. In addition, you can assemble the power supply system with the modular system toolbox consisting of the PSU 8600 base units as well as the CNX, BUF, and UPS modules to suit your individual needs. Thanks to the System Clip Link, you can even accomplish this without additional module wiring. The continuous current and voltage measurement of all outputs also supports energy management and targeted switching off during breaks, for example, via PROFIenergy.

Reliability – high availability

A systematic approach to availability: SITOP PSU8600. The power supply system's comprehensive diagnostic options allow faults and overload conditions to be detected, assigned, and repaired at an early stage. All outputs are individually monitored and selectively switched off in the event of a fault. As a result, a short circuit or an overload at a single consumer won't shut down the entire system. The voltage and current thresholds can be adjusted for each output. The system’s own buffer modules come into play in the event of power failures lasting seconds or minutes. For protection from longer power failures, the DC UPS module can buffer for several hours. Thanks to battery modules used for energy storage, processes can be maintained and PCs can be shut down safely.

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SITOP Manager

Did you know that you can use SITOP Manager to …

… configure and diagnose SITOP PSU8600 on Windows 7 or 10? Make it easy on yourself: Use the free SITOP Manager software to easily integrate the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system and the SITOP UPS500 and UPS1600 uninterruptible power supplies into open systems.

Powerful and uncompromisingly safe

With the SITOP Manager software, all SITOP PSU8600 and SITOP DC UPSs in a network can be parameterized and diagnosed using a PC with the Windows 7 or 10 operating system. This is ideal especially if the system configuration and programming doesn’t take place via the TIA Portal or SIMATIC Step 7. Thanks to the Web browser-based user interface, the application can also run on mobile devices and automatically adapts to the display size. Communication between the SITOP Manager and the power supply takes place via OPC UA, the open, manufacturer-independent, and Ethernet-based communication standard. This meets extremely high safety standards.

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