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The SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo process control systems offer you the optimal, integrated, and reliable solution you need to master the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Our approach in automation

With SIMATIC PCS neo, we have launched a completely web-based process control system that opens up new perspectives in engineering, global collaboration, and plant operation. But what does this new development mean for you as a customer of the established SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system? Read the article, first published in PROZESSTECHNIK, and find out more about process control technology with the experience of tomorrow.


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ARC evaluation of our DCS market approach

Harry Forbes from ARC has written a compact article about this unique and sustainable market approach for DCS systems! It ensures that you always make the right choice with us as partner, independent of how their future will look!


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The right solution for your application

The future starts now!

Process control systems need to operate reliably over the long term. And you want them to be flexible enough to ensure that all your options for tomorrow’s production processes and requirements remain open.

Decades of experience, and the maximum power of innovation


With SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo, we have exactly the right solution for your area of application. Both systems rely on the same innovative and robust hardware platform and a uniform system architecture. Thus, we offer you maximum flexibility, reliability, and efficiency. Take advantage of this innovative technology to protect your knowledge and investments, improve existing processes, or make new ideas a reality – today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Partnering for progress in process industries

Siemens is where process expertise meets the spirit of innovation

Let’s discuss the future of process control. We are ambitious to push innovations, expand experience, protect your investments and create new perspectives for process industries – together with you.
Teaming up for safe, smooth and efficient processes

Use and interplay of Siemens process control technology

I love to immerse myself into technologies that have the purpose to address bigger challenges for our society and humanity.”
Sourav Ghosh, Business Development Manager, Process Automation Siemens Limited, India

Indeed, Siemens process control systems provide the very fundament for sustainable progress:


PlantSight digital twin cloud service bundle, validate and visualize all relevant plant information from a variety of sources and formats. The result is a complete digital twin of the plant that can be retrieved via a simple, easily accessible web-based portal and forms the optimal basis for well-grounded decisions, especially in the case of brownfield projects.

Digital Enterprise

Digital Enterprise is a comprehensive (software) portfolio of engineering, simulation and automation solutions that enables you to make the most out of digitalization. This unique integration of all applications generates the "digital twin inside" and becomes the platform that enables the many sectors and applications of the process industries to move into the future more rapidly, flexibly, efficiently and profitably.


With SIMATIC PCS 7, you're ready to meet today's requirements and tomorrow's challenges. More than 20 years of innovative spirit and thousands of installations worldwide make SIMATIC PCS 7 a proven, future-proof control system that protects your investments over the long term. Thanks to the modularity of the hardware and software components, the process control system can be flexibly used in all sectors and areas of the process and hybrid industry. The individual components can be seamlessly integrated to create a system that is unique as your plant.


Enter a new world of Process Automation! With SIMATIC PCS Neo we present a completely new process control system software and an innovative and flexible license and maintenance concept. It opens up new opportunities in the age of digitalization, including global, web-based collaboration in engineering and operations. Take advantage of its unique usability, with all the relevant information in one workbench that is based on an object-oriented data model. In conjunction with an open, flexible architecture that supports modular engineering and the Module Type Package (MTP) standard, SIMATIC PCS Neo offers you maximum efficiency in engineering and operations. The new system uses the recently innovated hardware portfolio and application architecture of the proven SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 process control system, thus ensuring an optimal balance of innovation and protection of your know-how and investment.


COMOS generates a digital data model that enables comprehensive plant management. All disciplines are fully integrated – from process design to engineering and operations. COMOS can be seamlessly linked to Siemens process control technology for a smooth flow of information. In addition, COMOS Walkinside provides you with a powerful 3D virtual reality visualization for use in engineering, commissioning, training and operations.


Model-based technologies are the key to efficient plant engineering and operations. Simulations help to optimize processes and allow reliable predictions to be made about the plant. Consistent use over the process plant's entire lifecycle maximizes the economic benefits. Cost-effectiveness can be increased even further by linking the simulation models together and seamlessly integrating them with COMOS, SIMIT and the process control technology.


The SIMIT simulation platform is a tool for virtual commissioning and operator training that enables comprehensive testing of automation applications and provides a realistic training environment for plant operators even before the real plant startup. This creates opportunities for process optimization and know-how capture, which in turn reduces commissioning times and significantly shortens the time to market. The overall result is greater efficiency throughout the lifecycle of manufacturing and process plants.


XHQ operations intelligence software servers to aggregate, integrate, analyze and visualize asset and business information using all back-end data sources from control technology, engineering and simulation. XHQ offers you simple access to complex data for better and faster decision making, any time and anywhere, including uncomplicated remote access via mobile devices.


With its compact and modular design, easy handling, high power density and high availability, the scalable SIMATIC ET 200SP HA distributed I/O system is perfectly suited to the requirements of the process industries. Whether installed directly in the field or integrated in a control cabinet based on entirely new concepts, SIMATIC ET 200SP HA offers flexible, tailored, future-ready solutions.


The integration off field devices, which has always been highly complex, is now easier than ever with the SIMATIC CFU (Compact Field Unit). The compact field distributor is installed at the process level and connected directly to the process control system via PROFINET, thus laying the foundation for digitalization in the field. You benefit from increased flexibility and easier handling, combined with maximum availability.


SIMATIC CPU 410-5H is the heart of automation systems within Siemens process control technology. Extensive change options during operation plus advanced security features ensure minimal downtimes, increased system reliability and maximum availability. Currently the fastest and most powerful controller on the market, it offers future viability and investment protection, thanks to a scalability of performance based on a single hardware and firmware platform.

Field devices

Digitalization begins right where the data originates – in the field. With the help of our intelligent field devices and tools, you can use this data to create added value. SITRANS SAM IQ, the app for smart asset management, gives you an overview of the health status of your field devices and access to detailed displays of process values and device-specific diagnostic data.

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“Reaching your ambitious goals safely, efficiently, and reliably, that’s what drives us,” as Svitlana Schmitt, Team Lead Sales Specialists Process Automation at Siemens, puts it. We are set to bring the benefits of digitalization to your plant, accelerating your automation projects.

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