Performance-optimized automation systems for the process industry

Automation systems for the SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS 7 neo distributed control systems

Automation for the SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo distributed control systems: optimal performance for every application

Automation task, application area and performance requirements determine the choice of suitable hardware for process automation. CPU performance, communication interfaces and special features such as high availability and fail-safe should match the respective application perfectly. The flexibly configurable automation systems based on the CPU 410 and SIMATIC S7-400 for the SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo distributed control system are suitable for demanding applications in the process industry. They are used thousands of times over and are appreciated around the globe. You can also use the SIMATIC S7-400 to develop customary STEP 7 or TIA Portal applications.

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New generation of controllers for process automation

Hold the future in your hands. Compact and scalable, SIMATIC S7-4100 is a proven automation platform designed for the SIMATIC PCS neo process control system. Get the details on the all-new SIMATIC S7-4100 controller for process automation. Learn first-hand how the future-ready hardware delivers excellent performance with around-the-clock availability – even under extreme environmental conditions.

System structure

The flexible, scalable automation system for SIMATIC distributed control systems

The consistently integrated hardware for the SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo distributed control systems makes flexible and scalable solutions possible for all demands in the process industry.

Modular automation system

An automation system in modular configuration is available for the SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS 7 neo distributed control systems. As a result, automation performance can be finely scaled across a broad range. The robust and scalable automation system is a state-of-the-art, future-oriented all-round system for the process industry. At the heart of the automation system is a controller (AS 410) based on the SIMATIC S7 CPU 410, whose performance and range of functions can be expanded using SIMATIC S7-400 components. Alternatively, SIMATIC PCS 7 also supports the complementary 412, 414, 416, and 417 CPUs. This highly modular structure enables the automation system used in the SIMATIC distributed control systems to deal with all process industry tasks.


You can also use the SIMATIC S7-400 to develop customary STEP 7 or TIA Portal applications.



The right solution for every task

The scalable portfolio of the SIMATIC family enables an optimal solution for every application area. An automation system based on the CPU 410 or a complementary SIMATIC S7-400 CPU are particularly suitable for the often more demanding tasks of the process industry.

The scalable, modular automation system

The AS 410 automation system is the preferred system for plants with distributed control technology from Siemens. This automation system is scalable and designed for different safety and availability levels – from the cost-effective standard solution for small and medium-sized plants to redundant systems for large production plants. The CPU 410-5H is the fastest and most powerful controller for process automation on the market. Performance is scaled according to the number of process objects. This enables a single hardware and firmware platform to cover all deployment scenarios, application sizes and performance ranges.

CPU 410-5H
CPU 410E
Working memory (for program and data)
32 Mbyte
4 Mbyte
Load memory (integrated, non-volatile)
48 Mbyte
48 Mbyte
CPU processing times for bit operations, typ.
7.5 ns
7.5 ns
I/O data

16 Kbyte


1536 Byte


Number of process objects
100 … 2000
200 or 500

Scalable availability

For a single station, a standard automation system with a basic configuration, you have the option of specifically increasing availability by implementing a redundant configuration of the power supply or the Industrial Ethernet communications module, and combining these measures.
A redundancy station, an automation system with a redundant structure, offers significantly higher availability with its redundant CPUs. It operates according to the 1oo2 principle, in which at least one subsystem always remains active in the event of a fault.

Flexible automation systems you can use to optimally implement your applications

Use the Concept & Design Tool to obtain a quick cost estimate for your PCS configuration

Concept & Design Tool

Concept & Design Tool

Use the Concept & Design Tool to obtain a quick cost estimate for your PCS configuration

Long-term security of investment in process automation

Plant operators enjoy long-term benefits from the CPUs in the SIMATIC S7-400 series. These automation systems are constantly updated and always reflect the state of the art. They are suitable as an inexpensive entry level for smaller plants in the lower performance range with limited peripheral expansion, to the high-end range for large compound plants with very computing-intensive tasks and almost unlimited processing of process signals.
Siemens offers plant operators the best security of investment with a long-term supply of spare parts, availability, and compatibility with SIMATIC PCS 7 V7/V8.

SIMATIC S7-400 Flyer: Harmonized innovation and continuity

SIMATIC S7-400 has always been synonymous with challenging automation tasks in industry. Safety and availability with highest performance and flexibility at the same time are not a contradiction, but the classic application for a SIMATIC S7-400H from Siemens.

Safety Integrated enables functional safety in the process industry, in order to provide reliable, flexible protection for people, machines, and plant
Safety Integrated

Protecting people, plant, and the environment

The complex processes in the process industry are associated with high demands on functional safety. With Safety Integrated you use an innovative safety technology characterized by its flexibility and reliability.

Overview of distributed control systems

Discover the end-to-end system for all process control technology requirements

Flexible, powerful hardware base for present and future requirements

Industrial process control technology from Siemens bundles a broad portfolio of innovative technologies, systems, and components to create a unique product.
Discover our powerful SIMATIC PCS neo and SIMATIC PCS 7 distributed control systems, our future-proof automation systems, flexible and robust I/O devices, and our solutions for industrial communication.

Service and Support

Service and support throughout the entire lifecycle of your plant

We make it easy for you to launch into the world of process control technology with SIMATIC PCS neo and PCS 7. Our service and support experts will also be there to help you at any time. For further information, you can also draw on a wealth of downloads which we’ve made available.
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Catalogs for process automation

Learn in detail about the components of our hardware platform for SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo. The catalogs are available for download in a range of languages.

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