Compact, compatible and future-ready: SIMATIC S7- 4100

The process automation journey started with SIMATIC S7-400 controller generation - established and proven for decades - the proven automation platform for the highest process industry demands based on 25 years of experience and understanding of customer needs.  The journey continues with the new SIMATIC S7-4100 controller designed for the SIMATIC PCS neo process control system. 

As is often the case, plants need to run 24/7/365 with minimal interruption to production. Even the shortest downtimes can cause major setbacks. That’s why maintaining the highest level of availability of the process control system is crucial. Process plants are also harsh environments, where high temperatures, explosive gases and even electro-magnetic noise can threaten productivity. SIMATIC S7-4100 is the answer, delivering the highest industry standards day after day.

Performance designed for your entire lifecycle

Compared to the current model, which will continue to be available in the long term, the new controller is 30 percent smaller and thus saves space in the control cabinet. In addition, Simatic S7-4100 offers extended communication options and consumes up to 50 percent less energy. The power dissipation of the CPU is up to 4 W, which is less than for a standard LED lamp. The controller is robust and maintenance-free. It offers full program compatibility with SIMATIC CPU 410 for SIMATIC PCS neo; the same licenses are used. On the physical level, it uses an identical system expansion card, synchronization modules, network, and power supply connectors.
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A technological powerhouse in your plant

Process industries represent perhaps the most challenging environment for incorporating digitalization concepts. But whether facing extreme operational temperatures, shifting regulations or the need for continuous operation, plants must turn to robust digitalization as a key driver for success – both today and tomorrow. SIMATIC S7-4100 controller is built to handle specific plant conditions while also helping to overcome highly complex regulations and safety requirements.
  • 24/7/365 operation
  • Extended temperature range from -25 °C to 70 °C during operation
  • Storage temperature range -40 °C to 70 °C
  • Standard conformal coating for protection against corrosive gases
  • High EMC robustness and compliance with strict chemical standard NAMUR NE21
  • All memory EDC (error detection code) protected
  • Redundant power supplies also available in single system 
  • Additional I/O controller (PROFIBUS and PROFINET) can be plugged and removed in RUN
  • Optimized system recovery time after power down or restart 
  • New backup and restore functionality provides automatic data storage
  • No battery required for data storage during power down
  • No fan, even at 70 °C operating temperature
  • Ultra-compact with 30% lower height & depth than SIMATIC S7-400
  • Modular set up for maximum flexibility
  • Scalable size with 9 slot bus module or bridged from module to module with U-connectors
  • In total up to 5 additional PROFINET or PROFIBUS I/O controllers per an automation station
  • security features include manufacturing device certificate
  • integrated TPM (Trusted Platform Module)
  • secure boot
  • Low carbon footprint due to low power consumption (~50% lower than SIMATIC S7-400)


Compatible with CPU 410 for SIMATIC PCS neo:

  • Full program compatibility
  • No re-engineering (only adaption of hardware configuration)
  • Same PO licensing


Identical interfaces and setup:

  • Front-side pluggable
  • CPU with 2x PROFINET, 1x PROFIBUS, and pluggable synchronization modules (ready for future use)
  • Using the same connectors for network and power supply, identical system expansion card, and synchronization modules.