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Keep an overview and ensure that your systems are up to date: For optimum interaction of all system components, it is important to know the version status of the installed hardware and software. However, as the life of the plant progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an overview of the current software and hardware status. Convenient tools and services are available for topics such as system inventory, license management and version management in your SIMATIC PCS 7 plant. They facilitate the plant-wide creation and execution of update measures and ensure higher plant efficiency, improved lifecycle management and more security.

Central inventory and administration of hardware, software and network components

Overall view across all levels of your SIMATIC PCS 7 plants

Your instrumentation and control system comprises a large number of heterogeneous components. It is also subject to a dynamic change process through updates and upgrades as well as modernization and expansion. The longer a plant is in operation, the more difficult it is to maintain a consistent version status and the more difficult it becomes to keep track of the status of hardware and software. This is where the SIMATIC PCS 7 Management Console (SMMC) and SIMATIC PCS myExpert come in: The SMMC helps you to minimize the administrative effort for your SIMATIC PCS 7 plants and to have the current status of the installed hardware and software components immediately available at the push of a button. In addition, administer your fresh SIMATIC PCS 7 installations, updates and service packs We support you with inventory, planning & compatibility, management and installation (roll out) so that the plants can easily be kept up to date for the future. With SIMATIC PCS myExpert you have access to all relevant Health and Lifecycle information of your systems and empowers you to thrive for operation excellence.

The SMMC shows the current status of all installed hardware and software components. The system inventory covers all levels of your SIMATIC PCS 7 plants: plant management level, control level and field level. All SIMATIC PCS 7 system components on these levels are recorded, e.g. SIMATIC PCS 7 workstations, Industrial Ethernet Switches, automation systems (controllers), remote I/Os, links, field devices, drives, etc. Highlights of the SIMATIC PCS 7 system inventory:

•        Central recording of inventory data by reading from the database of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineering System or directly from the component

•        Generation of inventory reports for further use by SIMATIC PCS myExpert and for providing up-to-date information for service and support hotline requests.

•        Comparison of the SIMATIC software versions with the currently available versions: An automated comparison lists all installed software components for which an update is available. With version 9.1, this comparison option also extends to the hardware and the associated firmware versions.

Operating systems, SIMATIC PCS 7 versions and software products of installed components interoperate optimally with each other if they are compatible. With the compatibility tool, Industry Online Support provides a function that allows you to compile a compatible selection of software products or check existing configurations for compatibility. You can verify the compatibility of different automation and drive technology hardware and software products using the Industry Online Support compatibility tool.


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Up-to-date software is a basic requirement for efficient work and reliable results. However, even with industrial software, the costs must be and remain transparent and presentable. Therefore, different licensing models are available for SIMATIC software. By choosing the right license, you benefit optimally from the continuous development of our SIMATIC software. The corresponding tools give you an overview of the licenses used and required for individual applications and you can keep your software up to date in a cost-efficient way.


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The SMMC supports you with new installations, updates and service packs of SIMATIC PCS 7 software components. Software administration with a central management console is more efficient than with a local PCS 7 installation. Different installation processes can thus be started centrally and run in parallel. Thanks to upstream safety mechanisms, unintentional impairments of operation are prevented. The SIMATIC PCS 7 Management Console communicates encrypted with the individual components and is based on Windows security mechanisms, such as user administration with different users and coordinated access rights.


Lack of support and updates/patches for Windows operating systems (incl. server operating systems) that are no longer supported leads to an increased security risk and thus to possible unplanned downtimes of the plant. Close such vulnerability by upgrading to the latest SIMATIC PCS 7 version. An upgrade increases plant reliability by supporting current operating systems and reduces increasing maintenance costs for obsolete products in the long term. Individual upgrade packages enable cost-effective conversion of existing licenses and engineering data and ensure proactive life cycle management.


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The SIMATIC Management Console allows you to conveniently synchronize your installed PCS 7 software with the available updates. To ensure that your system is always up to date, the latest SIMATIC PCS 7 software updates are available on the following collection pages. These updates are offered per full version or service pack. Starting with SIMATIC PCS 7 Version 9, the updates are also provided as a collection, so that the products included in the collection are bundled and are thus more easily available for installation.


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Manage your plant inventory efficiently and get a comprehensive overview of the status of your control system. SIMATIC PCS myExpert is a web-based application that standardizes, clearly visualizes and monitors the system status for all SIMATIC PCS 7 installations based on data from the SIMATIC Management Console. Use this information to optimize the availability of your SIMATIC PCS 7 installation with these SIMATIC PCS myExpert options:

  • Efficient, cross-user management of your entire SIMATIC PCS 7 fleet
  • Higher security with fast and easy access to relevant security notifications
  • Cost benefits and investment savings over the entire lifecycle with an effective planning of updates / upgrades and spare part optimization
  • Enhance collaboration by creating, tracking and sharing support request throughout your entire company
  • Enable predictive maintenance by monitoring and visualization of the essential key performance indicators of your system 


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Learn more about central inventory and convenient system management. The documents in the download area deepen certain aspects and inform you about special functions.

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