Increased security and availability through upgrade: Keep your SIMATIC PCS 7 system always up to date!


With the further development of our SIMATIC PCS 7 control system, we ensure compatibility with current and popular Windows operating systems. A control system upgrade not only increases security and plant availability, but also reduces maintenance costs. For the protection of your investment, we offer long-term support and regular upgrades of our process control technology.

Security through upgrade - Now available: SIMATIC PCS 7 V9

Anyone who upgrades the control system not only saves time and money in the long term, but also protects themselves from serious failures: Outdated Windows installations pose an increased security risk to plants! Using a current control system version ensures compatibility with the latest updates for supported Windows servers and clients via the Microsoft Windows Server Update Service (WSUS). Upgrades not only mean protection against security gaps, but also additional benefits through innovations, improved product support or new functions.


To increase competitiveness and safe production, we offer you tailor-made solutions to bring your systems up to date quickly, safely and easily:

  • For components with status "obsolete" we offer the Legacy System Services (LSS). They guarantee a supply during the upgrade measures. This provides the necessary scope for planning and implementing upcoming modernization measures.
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  • If certain SIMATIC PCS 7 versions are required as an intermediate step in an upgrade, they are also available without restriction without LSS. Benefit here from the central provision of the software 'on demand' for modernization and upgrade of SIMATIC applications.
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  • Even during the upgrade phase, the SIMIT simulation platform can be used to virtually evaluate the future behavior of the modernized control system in relation to the existing system landscape before the real commissioning. This reduces possible errors and ensures a fast and smooth recommissioning of the plant. 
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Available for the proactive life cycle management of your SIMATIC PCS 7 plant. Proactive maintenance and care of your production plant saves time and costs in the long term. In addition, proactive strategies increase plant safety and extend the service life. In addition, the risk of unplanned plant downtime is significantly reduced.
The SIMATIC Management Console minimizes the administrative effort in your SIMATIC PCS 7 plant. It enables a convenient inventory of the installed base of software and hardware components and easy comparison of the current version with the latest software and firmware updates. The SMMC is available starting with SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.2 and facilitates the inventory of your plant.

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Do you want to extensively modernize or expand your existing plant? With a modernization, you can benefit directly from reduced engineering times and faster recommissioning.


Use the opportunities offered by the object-oriented type and instance concept of SIMATIC PCS 7. The structure corresponds to the general requirements of the ANSI/ISA standards ISA-88 and TR-106 and is offered in the form of the individual control module type (CMT).

  • Existing original function block templates can be automatically converted to CM types.
  • For the technological content of the CM types, the future-oriented Advanced Process Library (APL) is included in the standard of SIMATIC PCS 7.
  • Additional predefined types are available for download via our Support Portal. The prefabricated and system-tested blocks of the APL contain typical control, display and drive functions.
  • It is also possible to modify, extend and define your own CM types.

Use the seamless integration into other tools:

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA) enables bidirectional data exchange for consistent and more effective project engineering.
  • The SIMIT simulation platform also supports this concept and allows faster and virtual commissioning of the plant.

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Siemens focuses on continuity, compatibility and quality in version management. Previous versions are maintained by us at a high quality level for many years, but at some point a control system upgrade will be necessary. To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment, we offer individual upgrade packages for cost-effective conversion of existing licenses and engineering data as well as step-by-step modernization at the various levels of your plant.

Upgrade of the management and operational level

The actuality of installed single stations, servers or clients should be checked regularly. A no longer supported operating system tears risky holes in the overall IT security concept due to missing security updates. Prevent the risk of failures by replacing older IT hardware that no longer supports the current Microsoft operating systems. The supported Microsoft operating system and the SIMATIC PCS 7 software are already pre-installed on our SIMATIC PCS 7 Industrial Workstations (IPCs). Numerous interfaces allow each IPC to be expanded quickly and flexibly. Integrated diagnostic and reporting functions make the rack computers highly available and particularly easy to maintain.


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Upgrade of the automation level

SIMATIC CPU 410-5H is currently the fastest and most powerful controller with support of redundant PROFINET configurations and Field Interface Security for process automation.

  • It covers the entire performance range of the conventional SIMATIC S7-400 automation systems AS 412 to AS 417. Existing installations can be expanded or converted with little effort.
  • A single hardware platform, adaptable for all purposes, application sizes and performance ranges. This considerably reduces spare parts and warehousing costs.
  • Functional expansions are simply activated via firmware updates. This ensures protection of existing investment.
  • The CPU 410 is an essential component of SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo process control systems.

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You also benefit from our many years of experience when migrating a wide variety of systems. We would be pleased to work out an individually tailored, future-oriented solution for your migration project with our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system. Siemens offers dedicated SIMATIC PCS 7 migration products and solutions both for its own PCS 7 predecessor systems and for systems from other manufacturers (e.g. ABB, Honeywell, Emerson or Invensys). 


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Learn more about the possibilities of system updates and upgrades. The documents in the download area go into more detail about certain aspects and inform you about special functions.

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