Simulation solutions for SPPA-T3000

Calculable power plant operation

What if you had a tool that minimized risks? What if a digital twin of your plant could help you avoid engineering errors, vulnerabilities in commissioning, operating errors, and inefficient operation? With simulation solutions for        SPPA-T3000, these uncertainties are a thing of the past. Test, train, optimize – and your power plant operation will become predictable.

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Fields of application

Training, testing, and virtual commissioning

Would you like to train operators for control room deployment? Or try out new control features? Or perform virtual commissioning before you really get down to business? An SPPA-T3000 simulation solution is available to meet your requirements.

The human factor: Take advantage of your employees’ full potential

Experience makes all the difference: To reliably operate a power plant, operators have to be well versed in the control system. Give control room operators the opportunity to gain and retain experience and to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of experienced colleagues through simulator-based training.


Whether it’s standard operation or a critical situation, managing faults in the plant or negotiating less frequent activities like fast startup and emergency shutdown: If you can manage these tasks in the simulator, you’re certain to have the real plant under control.


The benefits of simulation-based training

  • Staff training before plant commissioning
  • Efficient qualification of the entire control room team
  • Expanded process knowledge
  • Measurable improvement of ability to handle the plant
  • Minimizing the risk of maloperation

Function tests: Thoroughly test the system

Simulation-based testing pays off: In controls engineering, it’s worthwhile to test workflows and control functionalities under realistic conditions in order to safeguard the operability of the system.


The benefits of simulation during engineering

  • Trouble-free testing during the project execution
  • Seamless integration into the workflow of controls engineering
  • Certainty when it comes to acceptance tests and approvals

Digital simulation of the real process: Know what’s coming

For major new-built, modernization or migration projects in particular, the tension mounts just before the plant goes online: Will it operate exactly as expected? Will the assets perform as planned? Will the targeted performance improvements be achieved? Virtual commissioning simulates the events before a single component is set in motion, enabling you to avoid deviations, significantly reduce hot commissioning time and practically eliminate failures when the actual startup occurs.


The benefits for commissioning

  • Maximum planning reliability for all project partners
  • Minimized number of test runs
  • Quality assurance for the engineering
  • Shorter commissioning time
  • Cost savings, thanks to reduced effort


Virtual optimization of operation

Go one step further: Continue using your plant simulation after commissioning to test extreme plant conditions without risking damage, to optimize the process without putting a strain on materials or resources with ongoing tests, or to calculate the benefit of a process optimization measure before it is implemented. A simulator tailored to your plant pays for itself.

Simulation technologies for SPPA-T3000

Flexible and scalable simulators

Seamlessly integrate testing, efficiently train operators, and optimize operation: What are your requirements for calculable operation? We offer you the right technology.
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Benefit from digital opportunities

Train your personnel. Test without risk. Save time and money at startup. Increase reliability in operation. Simulation solutions in and for SPPA-T3000 open up a wide range of opportunities to enhance the calculable operation of your plant.

Find out about our simulation solutions for SPPA-T3000

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