SPPA-T3000 for small power generation plants

The most compact control system – ever

Imagine being able to unify your control system landscape with one uniform user interface. Imagine more consistent data management, standardized operation, and more efficient maintenance. All this is possible with the compact version of SPPA-T3000 for small power generation plants. Whether you are modernizing the turbine control system of a small plant, implementing new package installations, optimizing your processes, or unifying distributed plants: the SPPA-T3000 for small power generation plants is everything that you need when it comes to control technology – in the most compact form ever.

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Advantages and functions

Benefits you can track and measure

Experience all the benefits and functionality of a proven power plant control system in one powerful compact form. From system design to commissioning, operation, and maintenance: SPPA-T3000 with its object-oriented software concept saves you time, money – and a lot of effort.

Full functionality, familiar handling

The advantage of using this compact version of SPPA-T3000 is that it allows you the same safe and efficient operation that you are used to – without compromising on any functionality. This assures you consistent and thorough handling, easy monitoring and much more.


Full operation and monitoring functionality

  • Role-based access rights for operation and monitoring
  • Standardized pictograms and faceplates for operation and monitoring, including status and fault information
  • Easy and intuitive operation functionalities
  • Alarm functionalities for pictograms and faceplates as well as separate Alarm Sequence Displays
  • Trending of historical values
  • Plant display hierarchy
  • Integrated documentation 
  • And many more 


Integrated fault analysis and diagnostics

  • Diagnostic views
  • Dynamic function diagram views
  • Advanced reporting





Optimum efficiency, optimum effectiveness

Efficient testing, effective diagnoses and root cause analyses, quick and easy troubleshooting: these are just some of the benefits of SPPA-T3000 for smaller applications during testing and commissioning. 


You also benefit from functionalities like

  • Point View for easy navigation to all relevant automation functions (such as function plan, plant display, alarm display, and trends)
  • Overview of trends in current and historical values
  • Advanced reporting 
  • Dynamic function plans for easy tracing of logics
  • Live view of function blocks
  • Hardware- and software-related diagnostic views
  • And many more 



Remote access, quick solutions

Whichever project phase you are in – from system design and engineering to commissioning and operation – Siemens is here to support with fast and efficient service including remote access to the system. 


Remote access also enables software patch installations, maintenance as well as backup and restore functionalities – all from a distance. 

Powerful capabilities, benchmark intuitiveness

Fast, easy, intuitive: the world’s most powerful control technology is now also available for small applications with every single one of SPPA-T3000’s benchmark engineering functionalities such as:


Integrated graphical engineering

  • SPPA-T3000 library of automation functions proven in power plants
  • Placing and editing of automation functions with view of information as required
  • Easy signal engineering within and between diagrams
  • Automatic and manual scheduling of function blocks
  • Integrated and simple alarm engineering
  • Integrated archive flag engineering
  • Spreadsheet engineering for efficient mass changes
  • And many more 


Object-oriented plant display engineering

  • Standard library of static and dynamic objects
  • Standard mapping of dynamic pictograms and faceplates to automation functions
  • Trend and reports engineering
  • And many more 




Complete and ready to run

Benefit from the proven software functionality of a power plant control system with two compact, ready-to-run configurations of SPPA-T3000.

Two configurations for small applications


  • Compact Automation and Application Server cAApS3000: the smallest configuration for very small assets
  • Local compact Application Server lcApS3000: with separate automation hardware for small assets

These powerful compact SPPA-T3000 configurations give you the possibility to standardize your system landscape easily – and cost effectively. 



Seamless integration

SPPA-T3000 for small power generation plants is also extremely easy to integrate, via a router connection, into the Application Highway of a higher-level SPPA-T3000 control system. You benefit from multi-unit connectivity and can operate your distributed or auxiliary plants from one central desk. The compact system can also be connected to other systems via OPC UA, Modbus TCP, IEC 60870 protocols and others.


Versatile uses

Experience all the benefits and functionality of a proven power plant control system – even when it comes to applications you never considered using a process control system for before. Whether you are the owner, operator or builder of a power, heat, or combined heat-and-power generation unit or auxiliary plant: SPPA-T3000 is the solution for applications of all sizes.
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Compact, yet powerful

SPPA-T3000 for small power generation plants

Unify your control technology landscape under one uniform user interface. Enjoy consistent data management, standardized operations, and effectiveness and efficiency in operation. All possible with the new, compact versions of SPPA-T3000 for small power generation plants. Available in two configurations for small and even small power generation plants: lcApS3000 and cAApS3000 are the hardware backbone of powerful solutions which allow you to tap onto all the functionalities of the proven SPPA-T3000 system.

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