The SITRANS FCS300 is one of the most compact Coriolis flow sensors on the market. Its small size simplifies installation and replacement, and allows you to optimize your plant layout by fitting multiple units into tight spaces. 

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The robust frame and housing of the FCS300 guarantee superior resistance to external vibrations, creating an ideal measurement environment with no twisting.


In order to make a complete flowmeter system, the SITRANS FCS300 sensor must be combined with the SITRANS FCT030SITRANS FCT010 or SITRANS FCT070 transmitter.


  • Compactness - enabling smaller and more efficient plant or skid layout
  • Flexibility - available from DN15 to DN150, ensuring a broad application fit
  • Easy installation - with a wide range of standard flange, thread and hygienic connectors
  • High accuracy - ±0.10% or ±0.20% achieved at up to 100 bars and 205 °C
  • “Plug & Play” - with pre-configured sensor cable
  • Digitally reliable - all primary process variables are digitally transferred to the transmitter
  • Global service network - for expert-level support whenever and wherever you need it


DN15 (½") 
DN25 (1") 
DN50 (2") 
DN80 (3") 
DN100 (4")
DN150 (6")
±0.10 % or ±0.20 %
±0.05 %
Density accuracy
2 or 10 kg/m³
Flow range
DN15: 8,000 kg/h (17,600 lb/h) 
DN25: 35,000 kg/h (77,000 lb/h) 
DN50: 90,000 kg/h (198,000 lb/h) 
DN80: 250,000 kg/h (550,000 lb/h) 
DN100: 520,000 kg/h (1,146,404 lb/h)
DN150: 860,000 kg/h (1,895,975 lb/h)
Wetted parts: 316L stainless steel, C4 (2.4610) nickel alloy or C22 (2.4602) nickel alloy
Enclosure: 304L stainless steel
Pressure rating

All sizes: 100 bar (1,450 psi)

Temperature rating
All sizes: -50 … +205 °C (-58 … +400 °F)
Sensor enclosure rating
IP67 (NEMA 4X)
Hazardous: ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus
Hygienic (DN 25-80): EHEDG

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