MultiRanger/HydroRanger 200 HMI

MultiRanger/HydroRanger 200 HMI is a versatile short- to medium-range ultrasonic single- and multi-vessel level monitor/controller for virtually any application in a wide range of industries. 

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  • Differential measurement and six control relays
  • Process Intelligence
  • Range of models for simple level measurement or pump control to more complex for differential level, open channel measurement, advanced pump control, alarming, and gate control
  • Auto False-Echo Suppression to avoid false echoes from fixed obstructions
  • Intuitive ease of use


Supplementary Components are designed to work with most types of instrumentation to provide enhanced functionality such as remote displays and remote monitoring solutions. Please find more information here.


Don’t forget that the safest engineered level measurement solution includes switches for back-up, overfill, low level and dry run protection. Click here for more information


0.3 to 15 m (1 to 50 ft)
Compatible transducers
ST-H and Echomax series XPS-10, XPS-15/15F, and XRS-5
6 relays: rating 5 A at 250 V AC, non-inductive
mA output
0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA
Communications or Outputs

- RS-485 with Modbus RTU or ASCII

- Compatible with SIMATIC PDM via Modbus RTU, PROFINET, or PROFIBUS

- SmartLinx cards for PROFINET, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet

Key Applications
Wet wells, flumes/weirs, bar screen control, hoppers, chemical storage, liquid storage, crusher bins, dry solids storage

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Your facility is a busy place - and materials and conditions inside your tanks/vessels/wells are always changing. Siemens ultrasonics selects the correct echo after every measurement, giving you stable readings while still allowing rapid response to actual changes in the material level. The result? Operations are more cost-effective. Inventory monitoring is always precise. Processes can be better controlled. And expensive spill cleanups can be avoided.

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