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Whether it’s water and oil or two wildly different chemicals, some things just don’t mix. Luckily, Siemens interface technology measures level of multiple materials with ease and precision. Capacitance and guided wave radar technology provide results-driven level measurement in all your interface applications, giving you the accuracy and continuous monitoring to keep operations running smoothly throughout the day.

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Point level liquids interface - capacitance

Point level liquids interface - capacitance

Our comprehensive portfolio features a range of technologies that provide extremely reliable interface detection. The level switches offer superior performance while reducing maintenance, downtime, and equipment replacement cost. Their robust aluminum or chemically resistive plastic enclosures last in harsh and abrasive environments, guaranteeing a long service life and low cost of ownership. With a selection of options including PROFIBUS communications, digital displays, remote or local testing, and functional safety SIL2, improved safety and integration into your plant's operations has never been easier.

The best-in-class inverse frequency shift approach to RF capacitance technology ensures accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurement, even in dusty, turbulent, and vaporous environments or in situations with product buildup. Because even a small level change creates a large and detectable change in frequency, Siemens Pointek CLS series provides excellent resolution while consistently outperforming conventional devices.

Pointek CLS100 is the compact universal switch for constricted spaces.
Pointek CLS200 is the standard universal switch with a wide range of communications and probe extensions.
Pointek CLS300 is for harsh, demanding applications with high temperatures and pressures.

Point level or solids interface - vibrating

Point level or solids interface - vibrating

Siemens vibrating level switches are perfect for detecting high, low, and demand levels in liquid or solid applications including materials with extremely low bulk density. With options for high temperatures, extreme pressures, and remote testing, these switches provide solutions for most industries.

SITRANS LVS200 can detect a solids interface within a liquid. With potted electronics and a robust design for aggressive applications including heavy external vibrations.

Continuous interface or level - capacitance

Continuous interface or level - capacitance

Capacitance instruments are contacting level and interface devices for measuring liquids and some solids. Inverse frequency change technology delivers high resolution, fast reaction time, and consistently accurate measurements of even the smallest level changes, in short spans, or in materials with a low dielectric constant (dK). With simple two-button start-up and extremely low maintenance and recalibration needs, capacitance technology will save you time and money.

SITRNS LC300 is ideal for standard and industrial applicaitons in the chemical, hydrocarbon processing, and food and beverage industries and can handle those difficult applications where emulsion and rag layers are challenging.

Continuous interface and level - guided wave radar

Continuous interface and level - guided wave radar

Guided wave radar is a contacting technology that excels in monitoring interface of liquids and also provides accurate level measurement. One instrument, two measurements. Advanced echo processing gives you unmatched reliability and accuracy when measuring level and interface in everything from small to large vessels. Extreme conditions like high pressure and vapors are no problem for these transmitters. With easy to use quick start wizards for setup, field replaceable and adjustable probes for easy maintenance, and SIL ratings for safe operation, see the difference guided wave radar makes.

Interface level measurement

Interface measurement easily handles changing pressure and temperature conditions and is unaffected by vapor or condensation. Whether measuring levels of two materials in a storage vessel or telling your control system when to separate one liquid from another, accurate monitoring helps ensure product quality and an efficient process.

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