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Faster processes, higher product quality and lower costs - temperature measurement is at the foundation of your plant’s operations. Devices are easily integrated and designed for every application. Extreme conditions? Intrinsically safe? With globally recognized certificates? Siemens offers you a complete spectrum of temperature sensors and transmitters - all from a single source.

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Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

SITRANS TS-Temperature Sensors are the perfect basis for precise and safe temperature measurement. The RTDs and Thermocouples support a broad range of application through the process industries.

  • SITRANS TS100: with direct connected cable
  • SITRANS TS200: with direct mount connectors (M12, Lemo, ...)
  • SITRANS TS300: for food, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology modular design
  • SITRANS TS500: The industry-grade temperature sensor supports a wide range of measuring go from basic applications to solutions in harsh environment.
  • SITRANS TS Inserts: spare part for the SITRANS TS500 or as component to build up complete temperature assemblies
  • SITRANS TSthermowell: a comprehensive portfolio of thermowells
  • The thermocouples are available in versions up to 1250 °C and and are suitable for the mounting of SITRANS TH320, SITRANS TH420, SITRANS TH400
  • The thermoresistors are available for flue gas and for damp rooms (mounting possible for SITRANS TH100, SITRANS TH320, SITRANS TH420, SITRANS TH400)

Compact and Head Transmitter

Compact and Head Transmitter

SITRANS TH – the smallest in our family – suitable for everything from simple applications right up to PROFIBUS and Foundation Fieldbus.

Thanks to its compact design, it allows use in the low-cost connection head Form B, even in the flat-cover version where it is installed in place of the terminal block. It also has a host of user friendly and safe features. Thanks to clear functional positioning, all users will find the device that ideally supports their requirements

Rail Transmitter

Rail Transmitter

SITRANS TR and SITRANS TW are the universal specialists for DIN rail installation. They provide comprehensive diagnostic and simulation capabilities.

When connected directly in the 4 to 20 mA loop, the SITRANS TR devices require no auxiliary power supply. They are installed in junction boxes or in the control room close to the process, thus permitting centralized access to all connected measurement points.

Field Transmitter

Field Transmitter

The field transmitter for rugged industrial environments.

Because of its IP67 protection, SITRANS TF is used in environments too tough for other transmitters.

It measures signals from resistance thermometers, resistance-type sensors, thermocouples and voltage sensors, and converts the signal into direct current signal (HART) or bus signal (Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus or Wireless HART) in accordance with the sensor characteristics



Stationary pyrometers of the series ARDOMETER MPA, ARDOCOL MPA und ARDOCELL PA/PK offer a solution for a great variety of applications.

The broadband antireflection coated and parallax free precision lenses ensure very good imaging characteristics for measuring spot sizes from 0.1 mm.

Product Information

SITRANS T temperature measurement

A device for every requirement: Siemens temperature portfolio includes sensors, transmitters for head, rail and field mounting and complete measuring points. Combine that with an entire range of communications options, giving you complete integration of field devices into your plant. Highly accurate, flexible, fully supported: SITRANS T temperature sensors and transmitters do everything you need them to.

SITRANS T: Temperature for every application

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Tutorial SITRANS TS500 basic commissioning

Learn more about the new local operation function of our temperature sensor SITRANS TS500 in our tutorial video.


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The most widely used measurement in many diverse industries, accurate and reliable temperature monitoring is critical to your processes. Take advantage of Siemens wide range of devices for temperature measurement and you will find both significant savings and improvements to your operations.

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