Process weighing and gravimetric level measurement

Weighing for every load. SIWAREX load cells measure loads ranging from 300g to 2000 t with C3 class according to OIML R60. Data is easily processed with SIWAREX processors, also for legal for trade applications
Flawless configuration through intelligent configurators and selection wizards

TIA-Selection tool

Platform scales

Different requirements in various industries

Highly different requirements are placed on the use of platform scales in the various industrial sectors, especially with regard to the load classes.
While platform scales are also used for small loads, truck scales put the heavy loads in focus.


Hopper scales

Highly exact and reliable measurement of tank levels

In nearly every industry liquids, powders, bulk materials or gases are produced and stored in hoppers or containers. In order to guarantee the availability of these goods, it is necessary to know the exact levels within the containers.
Application of SIWAREX weighing technology permits highly exact and reliable measurement of tank levels independent of the content – whether liquid or bulk material, corrosive or dusty.
In order to prevent errors due to lateral forces (e.g. due to pipe connections), it is recommendable to use SIWAREX mounting units for the installation of load cells, whereby the installation is even simplified.


Scales with verification capability for highest demands

Automatic and non-automatic scales

If goods are sold according to weight, scales with verification capability are a prerequisite. A wide range of applications is possible. Scales requiring verification are necessary in laboratories, in mail-order companies, or in trading companies. Siemens load cells satisfy these requirements.
If scales requiring verification are used in industry, these can be either automatic or non-automatic. In the case of the automatic scales, the weighing procedure is carried out without operator interventions.



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