Reliable electrical products

Often, charging stations must be able to withstand extreme conditions, operate 24/7, and depend on reliable electrical components to help them run. Some of the products from our SIRIUS and SENTRON family can help you meet these needs. Their tested components are characterized by ruggedness and long life and help ensure maximum availability of your charging station. The devices also meet all requirements for standard-compliant design.

Reliable electrical products for the charging process

SIRIUS contactors

You want to build reliable, safe, and high-performance charging infrastructure that works perfectly even in extreme environmental conditions? Our industrial controls from the SIRIUS control portfolio are especially rugged and durable. SIRIUS contactors feature high temperature stability, low heat dissipation and optimized functionality with high making currents.

SENTRON miniature circuit breakers

We enable the highest quality with development and production in Germany and 100% testing. Our circuit breakers are tested for considerably increased requirements in the temperature range.

SENTRON residual current circuit breakers type A/B

Did you know that a residual current device has to be tested at regular intervals? We help you reduce your maintenance costs by lengthening the intervals from 6 or 12 to 48 months with our SIGRES function.

SENTRON measuring instruments and energy monitoring PAC1600 & PAC2200

Standard-compliant and audit-proof? Our TÜV-certified energy monitoring system is used as the basis for energy management in accordance with ISO 50001, 50003 and already provides you with a way of continuing to bill with MID-certified devices in accordance with the European Measuring Instrument Directive.

SIRIUS ACT command and signaling devices

SIRIUS ACT pushbuttons and indicator lights provide the right answer for every application, every taste, and every budget. You can choose from four design series, but one thing always remains the same: quick and easy installation and a high ruggedness. The right choice for pushbuttons, light indicators, or emergency-off on the charging station – because for us, pressing a button is more than just pressing a button.

SENTRON overvoltage protection

Each year in Germany alone, there are several hundred thousand incidences of lightning or overvoltage damage and the costs run into the multi-digit millions. With our overvoltage protection devices, you can play safe and meet the requirements of all standards.

SIRIUS insulation monitoring relays for DC charging

SIRIUS 3UG4 monitoring relays monitor the most diverse electrical parameters in the feeder, and provide reliable protection against damage in the installation. According to IEC 61851-23, DC charging stations for electric vehicles must contain an insulation monitor that complies with IEC 61557-8. Our insulation monitoring relays comply with this standard.

Teaser Cybersecurity for Industry
Cybersecurity for Industry

Security information

In order to protect plants, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art industrial security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions only form one element of such a concept. For more information about industrial security, please visit.