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Door-opener to convenience

SIDOOR offers convenience and safety - from simple commissioning to preventive condition-based maintenance. The door management system is suitable for all doors because it is manufacturer-independent. Our intelligent system solution calculates the optimal drive characteristics for a door automatically, and ensures that these are continuously maintained – in accordance with the guidelines of the respective application. The data generated during operation can be read out and evaluated locally or globally in order to avoid unnecessary maintenance work and downtime. Corresponding communication interfaces can be easily supplemented thanks to the independence of the door system.

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  • Only one button has to be pressed for complete commissioning, the rest is controlled automatically by the intelligent SIDOOR system.

  • Simple integration independent of the door system

  • Door system data can be analyzed independent of manufacturer


For further information watch our short introduction video of the application possibilities, the function mode and the software options of SIDOOR.

System overview

Ingeniously simple door management

Keep things simple - operate a range of door systems with SIDOOR.

SIDOOR door control units are characterized by the fact that the open and closed door positions are always two defined states. The door is continuously controlled between these positions according to the guidelines of the application in question.


"Single-button operation" starts a defined learn run, during which the system automatically determines the door width and dynamic door weight. The optimum door drive characteristics are automatically calculated and continuously maintained.

Whether in industrial applications, in elevators or in the railway environment  – SIDOOR automatic door control systems have proven themselves many times.

You too can benefit from the high quality of these excellent products.

Multiple functions in the smallest space

  • SIDOOR always controls the door according to the standards and guidelines of the respective application.

  • SIDOOR automatically determines all relevant door characteristics.

  • SIDOOR automatically calculates the optimum drive characteristics for the door and provides long-term precision.

  • The SIDOOR family is characterized by ruggedness, reliability and lasting precision.

  • SIDOOR can operate door weights of up to 700 kg (depending on the application).

  • Communication interfaces such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, CANopen or relay module enable a wide range of system connections (depending on the application).

  • Easy integration also into existing safety system designs such as EMERGENCY STOP (depending on application), especially for retrofit solutions.

  • The SIDOOR software kit enables the parameter assignment as well as detailed diagnostics directly on site via USB RS485 adapter.

The graphic illustrates the general design of an automatic door control with the SIDOOR system including the additional components such as power supply unit and drive using the example of a protective machine door.

TIA Selection Tool – quick, easy, smart configuration

Do you always need the optimum configuration for planning your project? Of course you do! For your application we offer the TIA Selection Tool to support all project planners, beginners and experts alike. No detailed portfolio knowledge is necessary. TIA Selection Tool is available for download as a free desktop version or a cloud variant. 

Downloads and Support

More information

More information and support for SIDOOR Automatic door control systems are available here.

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Strong performance and noticeable added value

Siemens solutions for doors are in operation around the globe. The following reference projects illustrate their capacities and performance in various fields of application throughout the entire value chain.
SIDOOR Türsteuerung

Downtimes significantly reduced by SIDOOR door control

"Our solution with SIDOOR works very reliably. As a result, clients have been able to reduce their downtime by 98% compared to pneumatic door openers."

Bart van Halteren, Technical Assistant bei CNC AutoDoor

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