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Experiencing tunnel digitalization first-hand

Tunnel Digitalization Center | Flums, Switzerland

Experience digital tunnel solutions

Advancing digitalization results in a number of distinct advantages for tunnel automation. In planning, engineering and commissioning, especially the efficiency gains that can be achieved through virtualization pay off. You can experience the digital image of a tunnel, the so-called digital twin, live in our state-of-the-art test gallery, the Tunnel Digitalization Center (TDC).

The power of the digital twin

The focus at TDC lies on cross-phase and cross-area system solutions that cover the entire value-added chain and the entire life cycle of tunnel systems – from planning with BIM and the subsequent structural work and electromechanical equipment, all the way to the operating phase and digital maintenance services.


You can see where our solutions are used here:

Taking cyber threats seriously

Digitalization, however, also entails challenges. With the increasing networking of machines and industrial plants, the risk of cyber attacks also increases.


In order to provide your tunnel with comprehensive protection against internal and external cyber attacks, we will be happy to present our holistic defense-in-depth concept to you at TDC.

Your Visit

This unique test centre is located in the 5.5 km long Hagerbach test gallery in Flums, Switzerland.


Due to the merger of several companies and trades, you can also see our automation solutions where they are used in an entire tunnel project and how easily they can be integrated.




Hagerbach Test Gallery VSH

Polistraße 1

8893 Flums




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